10 Best exercises to burn belly fat without running or jogging

Watch these fantastic exercises to burn belly fat . The best thing is that you will not have to run or jog and you can do them from your house.

If you need to burn those extra kilos but the tape or cardio is not enough you should read this. We propose you to do these excellent exercises to burn fat of the abdomen without you killing yourself running. They do not require any special equipment, but they will help you build lean muscle tone, slow down aging, and look absolutely irresistible!

Those who seek to lose weight and tone their body have to know that the endless hours of cardio or tape can not meet their objectives. This is because your body will become a smaller version of your own previous fat. Instead, you should try resistance training and improve your strength and strength.

The following  10 exercises to burn fat of the abdomen are a series between the best that today we share to you to tone your body and strengthen the muscles well formed.


Exercises to burn fat from the abdomen

1- The Burpee

This exercise hits all the major muscle groups and causes the heart to pump. This will help you burn more abdominal fat than hours of cardio. Also, it can be modified at any level of physical condition.

How to do it:  Start in a standing position.

Position yourself in a squatting position with your hands on the ground. (Position 1)

Kick your feet back in a board position, keeping your arms extended. (Count 2)

Immediately get back on your feet to the squat position. (Count 3)

Jump up from the squat (count of 4)

2- The Pull Up

This extremely powerful exercise can tone your return to an impressive level. However, it can be difficult at first, so you can practice a little with some simpler alternatives before you finally succeed at it.

3- the squatting position

The squat is a basic functional movement that will help you change the shape of your butt and legs. Body weight squats can be quite difficult, and for greater intensity, try muted bells or a bar.

How to do it : Place your feet must with apart, place your hands out in front of you and crouch on your knees so that your knees are bent at least 90 degrees and then return to the foot shape.

4- The push up

This exercise will help strengthen the triceps, sculpted shoulders get, and tone the upper chest. In addition, it will significantly tone your core. You can do it literally everywhere, and modify it according to your fitness level.

How to do it : Extend the legs stretched, the arms are about the width of the shoulder apart and then push up so you are balancing on your toes and hands. Slowly bend your arms to bring yourself to the ground, but do not touch the ground, and it will rise again so that the arms are straight.

5- the lunge

Lunges are designed to tighten the ass and tone the hamstring muscles. However, if you notice pain in the knees, you can replace them with the buttock bridge.

How to do it : Stand with your feet slightly apart. Take one step further and while doing so have your knee bend opposite and reach a 90 degree angle. Just above the ground. Then repeat with the other leg.

6- The tracking spider

This will improve the mobility of the hips and tone the muscles of the base.

How to do it : Put yourself in a normal position of bending arms. Lower your body down until your nose and pelvic region just touch the ground. Begin to crawl on the ground, keeping your nose and pelvis just off the ground. You should look like a spider crawling on the ground. When you reach the other side turn around and go back to another side or you can trace backwards until you reach your initial position. Repeat this exercise as many times as you dare!

7- the skater

Moving in a lateral plane is of great help in the development of the stability of the knees and ankles. For even more calories burned, you can try joint shakes and minimal jumps.

How to do it : Stand on your right foot with your knee slightly bent, place your left foot just behind your right ankle

Lower your body to a squat, your right arm to the left side and your arm across your hips

Hop to his left foot jumping off his right foot, bringing the right foot behind his left foot while moving his arms to the left.

Repeat the movement to the right

8- the Plank

This is a very effective exercise that is coupled to the entire core, including the transverse panzudo, which can prevent and relieve back pain. Try to be able to maintain the table position for one minute.

How to do it : Put yourself in an iron position and instead of having your hands on the floor you have your forearms resting on the floor parallel to your body. Make sure your knees do not touch the floor, your back is flat and hold the position.

9- Jump rope

Jumping rope is a perfect substitute for running, and it will help you burn a lot of calories and tone your arms and legs. Also, you can try to make a “ghost” jump when you pull the rope to one side and pretend to jump the rope with the help of the movements.

10- The Get Up

This triceps movement will contract the muscles of the base to a very high degree, so that you can finally achieve a flat, toned and fat-free belly.

How to do it : These top 10 body weight and resistance movements will help you finally get the body you’ve always wanted! All you need is 15 minutes and this effective fat burning, strength training building program!

Statistics and results of practicing these exercises

A recent study examined the effects of resistance exercise on the metabolic limitations of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. The 53 patients were divided into 2 groups: the first one inflexions and squats performed 3 times a week for 12 weeks, while the control group did no resistance exercise.

After 12 weeks, the effects were compared. In the exercise group, people largely lifted the fat and muscle free mass and lowered the levels of iron, insulin and fatty liver. Therefore, resistance exercises improve the characteristics of the metabolic syndrome in the case of a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

These 10 exercises to burn belly fat are compound ‘movements’. This means that they target a greater number of muscles at the same time. It will help you burn more fat very quickly as soon as you incorporate them into your training program.

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