10 diseases that you can cure with lemon salt and pepper

Only 3 simple ingredients will be necessary to make an excellent home remedy . Discover 10 diseases that you can cure with lemon salt and pepper.

Pepper, salt and lemon can not only be useful to spice up a delicious salad, stew or stew. The three combined can be used as a very effective home remedy to treat different conditions and diseases.

There are many people who use this natural medicine to treat ailments, regularly. The reasons are obvious. It is not just about ingredients available and accessible in the market. It is also a natural and low-cost solution compared to traditional treatments and medicine.


10 diseases that you can cure with lemon salt and pepper

1. Nausea

With the combination of pepper and lemon you can treat stomach disorders and stop nausea. Take a glass of water and add 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of black pepper.

2. Sore throat

You need a tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice, half a tablespoon of black pepper and a tablespoon of sea salt. Mix everything in a glass with half the water. You can swish with this preparation several times a day. This will produce relief in your throat and prevent cough.

3. Nasal congestion

This remedy can help you release the airways. Take equal amounts of black pepper, cinnamon and cumin. Smell this mixture and it will help you to decongest your nose.

4. Colds and flu

In a bowl pour a glass of boiled water and half a squeezed lemon. Also place the pulp and lemon peel and let rest for 10 minutes. Then strain the lemon water from the pulp and peel and add a tablespoon of organic honey. Drink this medicine regularly until you achieve the expected results.

5. Lose weight

You can also lose weight and burn body fat with this remedy. Place ¼ tablespoon of black pepper, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water. Stir well and drink it.

6. Remove gallstones

In the gallbladder usually lodge hard deposits of digestive fluids. These are called “gallstones.” The obstruction that can occur in the digestive system causes a lot of pain and is usually removed by surgery.

To make a home remedy for gallstones, take 3 parts of olive oil, 1 of lemon and 1 of pepper and mix them. Follow this proportion and consume this medicine daily and you will reduce these stones until you eliminate them permanently.

7. Nasal hemorrhage

Take a cotton swab and pour some squeezed lemon juice. Place it in the nostrils. Tilt your head slightly forward. The bleeding will stop instantly.

8. Asthma

If you are asthmatic or there is someone in your family with this condition, keep reading. It is a home remedy that should always be at hand. It is prepared with these ingredients:

10 peppercorns

1 clove

2 yolks

15 basil leaves

2 tablespoons pure honey

Place all the ingredients in a cup with boiling water and boil for 15 minutes. Then strain the mixture into a glass container with a lid. Add the honey and let cool. Store in the refrigerator (for a maximum of 15 days) once after each consumption. If you prefer to taste better mix with milk.

9. Canker sores

We all know how hateful and uncomfortable these mouth injuries are. To heal them you should drink a cup of warm water and add a tablespoon of Himalayan salt. Swish after each meal. This treatment allows to eliminate bacteria and promotes the healing of canker sores.

10. Toothache

You should mix ½ tablespoon ground pepper and clove oil. Apply this mixture on the tooth where you feel pain. This does not replace the normal and usual brushing of teeth, flossing and food care, that is, taking care of consuming excess sugary foods.

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