4 changes that occur in the female body after 30

Discover here what are the 4 changes in the female body after 30 years! Knowing this information will help you act on time!

A woman of 32 or 35 years old is still very young and enthusiastic, but her body is beginning to experience significant changes that she must know to protect her health , both at this stage of her life and in the future. Learn about the changes in the female body after 30 years and do not forget to share this article with people who can serve you!


Changes in the female body after 30 years

  1. Bone density begins to decrease

The development of bone density is completed in the second decade of life and after 30 gradually the skeleton begins to weaken. Since women are more susceptible to osteoporosis than men (due to hormonal factors but also because their bones are younger), they should be careful to maintain their skeletal health. The basic measures that all women should take after age 30 are adequate calcium intake, as well as regular exercise exercises.

  1. Body weight is increasing

In addition to bone mass, women after 30 also lose muscle mass. Muscle mass is metabolically active, that is, it burns calories , so maintaining or increasing it implies better control of body weight. In order to compensate women for the natural loss of muscle mass over the years, they should avoid sedentary lifestyles and at least three times a week of weight training.

  1. The cycle of the period is changing

For most women, changes in the period are evident when they approach 40, since the first effects of perimenopause begin as early as that age. In addition, women undergoing the third decade of life is very common to endometriosis, which affects the period and is also characterized by severe pain during menstruation. On the other hand, women who acquire a child at this age often find a reduction in the intensity of pain experienced during their period.

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  1. The skin is more prone to dryness

The rate of cell renewal decreases after 30 years and this means that the dead skin cells are slow to replace them with new ones. As a result, the skin retains less moisture and tends to become drier. At the same time, the production of natural moisturizing elements in the skin, such as hyaluronic acid, is reduced. Therefore, women should intensify their skin hydration program using skin care products, as well as a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of water.

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