4 simple steps to cure the ingrown toenail

This method of 4 simple steps to cure the ingrown toenail will help you to end pain and discomfort safely! It’s worth a try

Our feet are more sensitive than we think. However, few people care for them properly. Acting on time is essential to avoid further complications!

One of the most common problems with the health of the feet are the ingrown toenails. This condition occurs when the nail bends, sags or embeds in the flesh of the toe. This usually causes a very intense pain. In addition, the inconvenience and discomfort to walk are not few!

The nail can grow and embed itself in the soft tissues of the foot for several reasons. Let’s see some of the most frequent:

Use of closed shoes in summer,

Uncomfortable shoes for daily use.

inappropriate use of heels,

Blows and injuries

Fortunately, you can get rid of unpleasant and painful ingrown nails in a simple way.

By the way, this problem can not be ignored. By the way, the ingrown toenail can cause infection by proliferating bacteria and worsen the condition of our feet. In this article, we will tell you how to get rid of an ingrown toenail.


4 simple steps to cure the ingrown toenail

1. Foot bath

Immerse the foot that has the ingrown toenail in hot water for 20 minutes. The hot water will help with the pain, as well as reduce the swelling. Then, floss to remove the skin from the nail.

2. Separate the nail from the skin

Lift a little of the nail from the skin, with some pedicure tool. You must be very careful in doing so to avoid an accident or injury.

4 simple steps to cure the ingrown toenail

Attention! If you’re not sure you’re doing well, go to a pedicurist or dermatologist. As soon as you have lifted the nail slightly from the skin, insert a piece of cotton so that it does not stick again.

3. Keep the nail clean

You must take care of the hygiene of the affected area. Clean clean nail to prevent infection of the area.

4. Protect your finger

Apply a bandage to protect the affected area. You can use gauze or cloth tape for medicinal purposes. Make sure your feet are clean beforehand. In addition, doing this will help prevent possible infections, as well as favoring the protection of your finger and help its prompt healing.

First of all, remember to consult with the doctor before applying any home remedy .

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