5 Home remedies to cure vitiligo

Vitiligo is a disease characterized by depigmentation of the skin . Discover the 5 home remedies to cure vitiligo naturally.

The skin has cells called “melanocytes” that are responsible for providing skin tissue color. When these melanocytes are eliminated or affected, their function of giving the characteristic skin pigmentation is altered. Consequently, these typical white spots appear that typify vitiligo.

It should be noted that vitiligo is a skin disease that can cause sensitivity in it. This condition does not cause serious health consequences on a physical level. However, those who suffer from it can be mostly affected psychologically by their outward appearance and personal appearance.


Recommendations for the treatment of vitiligo

Protect yourself from the sun

If you suffer from vitiligo you should take care of sunlight or ultraviolet light in general, especially in peak hours or with more luminosity and heat. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen. Put it on half an hour before exposing your body or face to the sun. Also, wear a hat or cap and appropriate clothing to protect yourself during the day. You should keep in mind that those who suffer from vitiligo are more likely to develop skin burns from sun exposure. This can contribute in the medium or long term to worsen the condition even more or develop more adverse situations to the original.

Don’t get tattoos

Some people practice tattoo techniques in order to hide their vitiligo. This can lead to skin damage and give rise to new spots. Do not do it. Getting tattoos can be very painful and even more complicated when you decide to remove them, as scars can be left and your condition worse. If you are looking for an alternative in this regard it is much better to apply some makeup technique.

5 home remedies to cure vitiligo

There are remedies made from natural products that can be very useful for treating vitiligo. However, the results may vary from case to case. In addition, its effectiveness usually takes time to occur.

1- Papaya

This vegetable has the property of generating a reactivation of melanocytes and with it, the production of melanin, responsible for giving pigmentation to the skin. To get good results you must be constant. It is about applying the papaya pulp on the white spots, rubbing it on the face. Let the pulp juice dry on your face and repeat the action several times a day. Also, if you drink any papaya juice or juice you can reinforce the effect of this treatment .

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2- Red clay

Another natural product that can help you re-pigment the skin is red clay. You just have to take a bowl and place 2 tablespoons of red clay and one of ginger. Stir well to make a consistent dough and apply on the face, in the area of ​​spots. Let the paste act for 15 minutes and gently clean with warm water. Repeat once or twice a day.

What does red clay do with ginger? It will help you to reactivate and increase the blood flow to the vessels that are located in the affected area, which can stimulate the production of melanin and significantly improve the condition of your skin. Keep reading these 5 home remedies to cure vitiligo.

3- Turmeric

Another excellent home remedy is turmeric. To make this recipe you must crush ½ kg of raw turmeric with ¼ kg of ginger root. Pour the resulting powder of both ingredients into a jar and add squeezed juice of 5 lemons. Then add a little salt and stir well to make a homogeneous mixture. Consume two tablespoons of this mixture before lunch and another two before dinner.

In addition, turmeric can be applied topically to the face. To do this you must place 3 tablespoons of turmeric powder in a cup of hot water. Add a dash of mustard oil and stir well. Place with a cotton swab over the affected area. Repeat the action a couple of times a day. Make the treatment every day and be constant. You will see remarkable results.

4- Ginkgo Biloba

Another natural alternative is to consume some supplement with ginkgo biloba. You can get it at herbalist’s shops or health food stores, either as herbs or tablets. Its consumption can help stop the progress of this disease. Even stains can reduce their size.

5- Ginger

This root is full of healing properties that are very beneficial for your health. Among which is to help fight vitiligo. This is because it promotes blood circulation. In order to strengthen its action you can make a powerful home remedy (perhaps the most effective among these 5 home remedies to cure vitiligo). Take a tablespoon of ginger powder, another of turmeric powder and a dash of mustard oil. Mix and dissolve all ingredients. Apply as a “patch” on the skin and leave on for 20 minutes until sanitized. Repeat this treatment every day and be persistent until you see good results.

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