5 reasons why men stay away from women

These are the 5 reasons why men turn away from women. Examine your relationship and analyze if you are committing any of these errors. You’re still on time!

There are a number of things that men love about women. They basically want their wife to look well groomed, they care about physical intimacy and delicious food. They can forget certain faults. However, there are certain acts of women that men can not forgive, and they leave. And it is not a betrayal. Let’s see what drives them to leave a relationship!


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Experts advise women to be more careful on some issues. Otherwise, they can lose love, respect and even their very man. Why do men leave?

5 reasons why men stay away from women

1. Public criticism

Constructive criticism is healthy in the relationship: it is even useful because it promotes the development of the couple. However, it must always be done in the secret and intimacy of the couple. Never criticize your man before other people or make fun of their failures. Even before relatives. The men are very proud. They love the compliments, but not the reproaches.

The better you talk about them to others, the more you want to stay by your side. And vice versa, constant criticism in public will kill all your love for you.

2. Subtract value

When a woman treats her man as secondary, he will notice it perfectly sooner or later. If he continues with this attitude, he will go with another woman, as soon as he appears on the horizon. It is not clear why they live alongside those who despise them, but, unfortunately, there are quite a few of those relationships.

3. Excessive jealousy

Jealousy, in general, shows that a person cares for you. But the stupid and constant jealousy only speak of distrust or lack of self-esteem.

He stayed at work – questioning. He went to a meeting with friends – questioning. He was distracted somewhere – questioning. For almost everything a scandal arises. These sickly jealousies will make him desist from the relationship. Not many can support it. The only thing you will achieve is that your partner thinks that you have a psychological trauma (from a previous relationship) or that you simply do not trust him.

4. Manipulation

There are many things that man should do for a woman. Things that are not within their reach or that they can do for their greater strength, such as certain housework. However, this does not mean that they can be manipulated so that you achieve all your objectives. Sooner or later you will realize that you actually use it for your selfish purposes. The basis of any manipulation is weakness. And men, by nature, do not want to feel weak. Maybe you manipulate it involuntarily. But it does not matter, if you keep doing it, your relationship can be extinguished!

5. Insults

The insult is destructive in any couple and relationship. Whether you insult your boyfriend or his friends or relatives, is equally negative. The insult implies a lack of respect. It is something that can deeply hurt your partner. In general, respect for others in a relationship should be the most important. Give up the insults, and you will notice how fights and scandals gradually turn into disputes and arguments. Offers respectful treatment and seeks agreement.

Some psychologists claim that women do not make those mistakes when they love. After all, a man is praised when he is well loved. If he is genuinely loved, he can not be blamed for all his faults.

This does not mean that we should justify their wrong attitudes or actions. But everything can be said and conversed, using the dialogue, in a framework of respect. Leave us your comments and tell us what you think is destroying the relationship with your partner.

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