5 Reasons why you should take off your bra before going to sleep

It is a pleasure and even a necessity for many women to take off their bra before going to sleep for the comfort that it implies. Beyond tastes and preferences, doing this can become a very healthy habit. In this Effective Health article we will tell you about the benefits you will achieve by taking off your bra to go to bed.

Something almost irresistible is for them to get fatigued after an extensive working day and throwing themselves in bed getting rid of those uncomfortable bras … but many will not do so because they fear one of the worst female nightmares: the fall of the breasts

However, and against all speculation, the fall of the breasts because of not wearing a bra at night seems to be only a myth and the benefits, on the other hand, are very evident.

On the other hand, it is known that it is so harmful to never wear a bra as if to do it but keep them tight, which can damage the breast tissue.


Benefits of sleeping without a bra

1. May cause breast fungus

A place with humidity and high temperature may be the ideal environment to promote fungal growth. The probability of suffering them decreases when you take off your bra before going to sleep, especially if you have a large bust size.

2. Promotes circulation

Especially if you wear that type of bra with wire. The wire usually hinders the blood circulation of the nerves in the arms and causes excessive contraction of the pectoral muscles.

3. Irritating to skin

Wearing a bra while you sleep can irritate the skin and even cause injuries due to the sliding of the hooks and straps, even without you noticing.

4. Produces hyperpigmentation

The area crossed by straps and hooks usually has a certain darkening or hyperpigmentation of the skin due to being very tight or tight.

5. Discomfort and sleep disorders

Wearing a tight bra at night can prevent you from enjoying a deep sleep, causing discomfort and the feeling of not resting properly.

For everything you have previously read, it is time for you to destroy the myth that not wearing a bra will lead to sagging breasts: this would actually happen to you if you stop using them permanently and especially when you are in position standing, not while doing it for a small amount of hours and in a horizontal position, on the occasion of rest, where what is sought is to favor your relaxation.

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