5 Super effective home remedies to cure canker sores

If you have so-called canker sores , those hateful sores that can sprout from the inside of your lips have reached the right place! If you continue reading this Effective Health article you will find out about excellent home remedies that you can apply to solve this condition.

Mouth sores or better known as ” canker sores ” are open sores or wounds and can be caused by different factors, including liver or stomach disorders, injuries caused by brushing teeth, eating spicy foods, although almost all of them of the cases respond to a weakening of the immune system.

¿ Who did not suffer these painful sores ever ? They are very annoying and often cause a lot of pain when we eat because of the friction that occurs with food. They can occur on the inside of the lips although they can also appear on the palate, gums and even on the tongue. They usually generate a lot of discomfort and discomfort.


Home remedies to treat canker sores

Simply salt … this simple and commonly used ingredient is more effective than you might imagine … Applying salt on any wound helps promote healing.

Baking soda : Prepare a mixture of 1 tablespoon of salt and 2 of baking soda in a glass of water. Swish for 30 seconds 2 to 3 times per day. These elements will help you heal and heal these sores quickly and effectively.

Aloe vera or aloe:  This plant has very useful and effective medicinal properties for our health and for certain aesthetic treatments. Remove the gel from the aloe leaf and stir it in warm water and swish. Very soon you will see the results!

Ice packs : place ice in the affected area. Doing this will help you deflate it and soothe the pain caused by open lesions, while helping to close them.

Yogurt : A food that will help you regulate the proliferation of bacteria thanks to its property of regulating the pH in the mouth.

Attention! If you suffer from canker sores permanently or continuously without them disappearing in a few days, go to the doctor and make a consultation. You could be suffering from a more serious illness, even oral cancer!

Some tips to avoid canker sores

Strengthen your immune system : the best way to do this is by eating a balanced and nutritious diet . If you are giving the body all the nutrients it needs you can have a stronger health and resist this or any other disease.

Avoid certain foods . There are spicy foods that could help in the appearance of these sores. Avoid them.

Be careful when brushing! A bad brushing of teeth can cause lesions on the gums or lips and once opened these wounds can progress to become these annoying sores that are so difficult to close. Try to use a soft or not so hard toothbrush and change it every 3 months.

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