5 Tibetan exercises to exercise all the muscles in 10 minutes

Discover how to do these 5 Tibetan exercises to exercise all the muscles in 10 minutes! The ancient method of the monks of Tibet will not only make all the muscles work, but it will also help to normalize the work of the body .

There are a lot of exercises and complexes. But perhaps one of the most effective: “5 Tibetan pearls”. We have already tried the exercises and we are convinced: they are really simple and do not take long. Practice them and share your results!

How to do the 5 Tibetan exercises to exercise all the muscles in 10 minutes


Exercise No. 1Tibetan exercises to exercise all the muscles 1

We are standing with arms at the sides at shoulder level. Keep them parallel to the floor throughout the exercise.

We begin to turn clockwise around its axis until we feel a slight dizziness. To begin, it will be 3 to 6 laps at a time.

Exercise No. 2

Lie on your back, with your arms on the ground. Exhale as much as possible.

In a deep and gentle inhalation, we lift the head and legs upwards, trying not to tear the shoulders and pelvis off the floor and not bend the knees. Then, in a soft exhalation, we return to the initial position.

Exercise No. 3

Tibetan exercises to exercise all muscles 3

We kneel, legs parallel to each other. The knees should be in the width of the pelvis. Arms along the body, the palms are placed on the back of the thigh. Tilt your head forward, touching the chin of the chest. Exhale as much as possible.

We inhale deeply and gently, at the same time we throw our heads back and bow. We try to push the chest as much as possible, supporting the hands lightly on the hips. On the same exhalation, we return to the first position of the exercise.

Exercise No. 4

Tibetan exercises to exercise all muscles 4

We sit on the floor, stretch our legs and back. The feet should be spaced shoulder width apart, place the palms on the floor so that the closed fingers are parallel to the body. Exhale and tilt the head towards the chest.

While we inhale (breathing in the same way as in previous exercises), we throw our heads back as far as possible and lift the body up. We should be in a horizontal position, supported on straight arms and legs at a right angle. We try for a few seconds to tense all the muscles and stay in this position, then, when we exhale, we return to the sitting position.

Exercise N ° 5

Tibetan exercises to exercise all muscles 5

Stand on the rest lying on your hands, lean. Palms and feet slightly wider than the shoulders. Your knees do not touch the ground. Pull your head back and exhale.

Along with the inhalation, lift the pelvis and move to the posture that forms the angle. Head pressed on the chest. We try to keep the legs straight, the back and the arms must be in the same straight line. Then, as we exhale, we return to the first position. Breathing in this position is the same as in others, but it will take time to get used to inhaling while bending the body and exhaling while flexing. In addition, with the addiction to exercise, you can add muscle tension for a few seconds when you reach the 1st and 2nd position.

General rules

The main thing in the performance is regularity. We make a complex 1 time per day. If we want to achieve the maximum effect, we increase the number of repetitions of exercises according to the scheme:

1st week – repeat each exercise 3 times;

2nd week – 5 repetitions;

3rd week – 7 repetitions;

and so on until repetition number 21 in the tenth week.

When jumping, it is better to return by the number of repetitions at the level of the previous week.

The best time to do it is in the morning before noon, on an empty stomach.

We do not overwork and do not allow severe fatigue. If it is difficult, we return to a smaller number of repetitions, letting us get used to it.

Watching the breath. We breathe through the nose and evenly.

With a lot of repetitions, we pause between the exercises: we stand up, put our hands on our waists and breathe deeply a few times.

After completing the series, it is better to take a rest in a lying position.

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