6 errors when exercising that prevent having the body you dream

These are the 6 errors when exercising that prevent having the body you dream of. If you pay attention you can correct them. We show you how!

Exercising our body with regular physical activity helps keep us active, more vital and healthy.

However, many people who do not have time or money to go to gyms can not be properly guided by a professional. Is this your case? The problem of not having the right help is that we can fall into certain “vices” or “errors” when performing certain exercise routines.

Commenting mistakes during exercise can even put our health at risk because we can injure ourselves, perform some bad force that compromises our muscles, bones and tendons, unnecessarily. And, if that were not enough, we will not be able to give our body the shape or the development we expect.

For these reasons it is that from Effective Health we have thought to share what are the most common errors in a series of the most practiced exercises. If you pay attention and apply them correctly, you will see your dream fulfilled of having the body you so desire!


6 errors when exercising that prevent having the body you dream

These are 6 of the most common and popular exercises that people perform incorrectly. We show you how to do them correctly.

  1. Hip bridge

Incorrect:  The error of this exercise is to leave the back is arched when doing it. Consequently, the load does not fall on the buttocks, but on the lower back.

Correct:  The knees should be parallel to the floor. Lift the hip up so that your torso forms a straight line with the hip. Tense the buttocks to the fullest at the highest point and tense the abdomen.

  1. Leg displacement

Report: With the t Orso forward and bending your knees. This poor position overloads the spine and knees and can cause pain unnecessarily.

Correct:  With the back straight, the hip should not rise, and the knees should be at a 90 degree angle

  1. Iron

Incorrect:  Do not kill yourself doing this exercise if your back is not straight. It’s useless.

Correct:  Try to make your body form a straight line from head to toe. Bend your arms at a 90-degree angle and keep your head straight.

  1. Squats with a bar

Incorrect:  If your knees are ahead of the tips of your feet, your back will not be firm. In relation to the use of the bar, do not let the weight move on your neck. You can hurt him

Correct:  Make sure that the weight line of the bar matches the middle of the feet. Arch your back and do not take off your heels.

  1. Hold the bar correctly

Incorrect:  This bad position will cause the weight to go over your neck, which represents a great danger.

Correct:  Join the shoulder blades, bring your elbows back and your back will arch naturally. Place the bar at the lowest possible level, as long as you can hold it.

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  1. Squats

Incorrect:  If you take the shoulders forward, you will form a hump.

Correct:  Bring the shoulders back and join the shoulder blades. Try to have a straight back, with a slight arch in the lower back.

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