6 exercises that will help you recover from shoulder tendonitis

Here we share 6 exercises for shoulder tendonitis . They are ideal for relieving the discomfort caused by tendinitis and regaining the flexibility of your body !


What is shoulder tendonitis?

Tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendon. People who do not practice sports professionally can face this painful phenomenon. Eventually, they may lose the mobility of their forelimbs. Today we want to tell you about several useful exercises that will help relieve the condition with shoulder tendonitis.

When the tendons become inflamed, this is usually accompanied by the appearance of microcracks. This condition does not allow the normal movement of the hands or feet. In particular, shoulder tendonitis affects the biceps and 4 more muscles: supraspinatus, subacute, subscapular and small round muscles.

Common causes of shoulder tendonitis

  1. Age

Tendinitis is more likely to occur in people over 40 and in people over 65.

  1. Intense physical activity or “bad strength”

Lifting the shoulder as a result of some work or physical activity implies an increase in the frictional force of the tendons and their “wear and tear”. As a result, microtraumas may appear and, as a result, tendonitis.

  1. Vascular factors

Here the supraspinatus and subacute muscles are affected. Both are the most vulnerable to degenerative processes. Among the main symptoms with shoulder tendonitis, pain should be noted:

In the face of intense pressure in the region

When performing certain movements (especially raising the hand)

When doing stretching exercises in the cold

During a night of sleep and rest

Shoulder tendinitis: symptoms

Pain in the lateral or posterior part of the shoulder

Immobility or constant desire to raise the hand or “dump” the shoulder.

Pain at night (when the arm is at rest). It can be felt all day, but gets worse at night.

Here we will share a series of 6 exercises for shoulder tendonitis. They will help reduce pain and increase mobility of the joint. Then, you can return to perform daily activities without suffering physical discomfort.

In addition, these exercises will be useful to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder joint, its stretching. With your help, for example, you can return to professional sports much earlier. Everything depends on the circumstances of the life of each person in particular.

Before continuing with these exercises for shoulder tendonitis, it is advisable to get advice from an orthopedist and physiotherapist. Then you can be sure of its effectiveness and learn how to do them correctly.

Gradually, this set of exercises for shoulder tendinitis will restore flexibility and mobility to the shoulder. In addition, it will increase the strength of the muscles and, in general, improve your posture.

It is very important to start with a warm-up, to warm up the muscles a bit. The rhythm must be slow. At the end of the training, you need to stretch, this will improve blood circulation.

In the second stage of the exercise involves the use of an extra weight.

6 exercises for shoulder tendonitis

  1. Initial stretch

The starting position is standing, facing the table or chair. Lean with a healthy hand on the edge and tilt the body forward.

Your back should be parallel to the floor, and your legs should be straight.

Let the diseased hand hang like a pendulum. Do this in a small circular motion in a clockwise direction.

After 20 repetitions, start making circular movements in the opposite direction. Gradually increase the amplitude of the circles.

  1. Stretching

Initial position of foot, straight back. Lift the diseased arm towards the opposite shoulder. If the tendonitis “hits” the right shoulder, then your right arm should be placed over the left shoulder.

Hold the palm of a healthy hand by the patient’s elbow and gently push in the bottom-up direction. Your shoulder should be as high as possible, but so that it does not hurt at the same time.

Hold this position for a few seconds, lower your hands and repeat again.

  1. Stretching with support

For this exercise, you will need support in the form of a wall or a window frame, an entry.

First, stand up and lean against the wall with a sick hand.

Tilt the body forward to stretch the shoulder. At the same time, the healthy hand should be behind the back.

Hold this position for at least 10 seconds, lower your hands and repeat again.

  1. Stretching with support and elevators

To perform this exercise, you will also need a wall, window or door.

First, raise the aching arm and place the palm on the wall. At the same time, place the palm of a healthy hand on the opposite shoulder.

Press your fingers lightly on your shoulder, so that the palm is completely in contact with its surface.

Then, raise your fingers to slightly lift the shoulder joint.

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  1. Stretching with tape

If you do not have a special tape (sold at sports stores), you can use your usual towel or handkerchief.

Bring a sick hand behind your back, touching the back with the back of your hand. With the other hand, take the tape and lift it behind your head.

Take the patient with your hand.

Now, with the upper hand, gently pull up towards the ceiling, so that the lower one also rises slightly.

  1. Exercise to strengthen muscles

To perform this exercise, you must tie the rope to a wall or door. You can also use a special tape.

First, stand sideways against the wall or door and take the rope or ribbon you have chosen in your sick hand.

Do not tear the triceps from the trunk.

Second, move from one side to the other, stretching the shoulder muscles as much as possible without pain.

The movement must be only through the biceps.

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