9 Symptoms to know if you suffer from Heart Failure

This disease can be lethal: 1 in 10 elderly people suffer from it. Discover the 9 Symptoms to know if you suffer from Heart Failure.

When the heart suffers from insufficiency, it stops working properly and does not pump enough blood throughout the body , which means that the oxygen and nutrients needed by the body cannot be supplied. In this article we will explain what are the 9 symptoms that will let you know if you suffer from heart failure .

The disease develops due to existing medical conditions such as diabetes or coronary heart disease, a heart attack or high blood pressure. This pathology generates a feeling of tiredness and fatigue, does not allow the body to eliminate all the waste it produces leaving accumulated fluid in the lungs and in other parts of the body such as the legs and abdomen, if it is not treated in time the disease could have a huge impact on the lives of patients.


9 Symptoms to know if you suffer from Heart Failure

Symptoms vary from person to person. In the first stage no symptoms are detected, but if progress is made, it is most likely that they will experience more severe.

The majority and where more attention can be paid is in the symptoms caused by the accumulation of fluid and poor circulation.

Shortness of breath : This is caused by the accumulation of fluid which causes congestion of the lungs. This symptom may be experienced after exercising, but if the heart failure progresses, you may feel out of breath even if you are at rest.

Cough or wheezing : Due to the accumulation of fluids in the lungs.

Weight gain : due to fluid accumulation.

Swelling (edema) : It usually occurs in the ankles but can also extend to the legs, thighs and abdomen.

Tiredness or fatigue : Lack of oxygen causes muscles to tire much faster.

Increased Heart Rate : the heart tries to compensate for the lack of pumping to maintain the same blood flow around the body.

Dizziness : Product of reduced blood flow to the rest of the body, this causes blood pressure to be low.

Loss of appetite : The accumulation of fluid can occur in the liver and digestive system, which causes patients to feel satisfied.

Need to urinate at night : The fluid that accumulates in the legs during the day can return to the bloodstream and is taken to the kidneys to be eliminated in the urine.

As the picture of heart failure is systematic and the pathology goes unnoticed, it is necessary to raise awareness of the disease so that it is detected in time.

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