A true miracle! This happens after wrapping the feet in aluminum foil!

What is the aluminum foil used for? Wrap your feet with aluminum foil in several layers. What will happen in 1 hour will surprise your doctor! Aluminum foil is a unique material.

My joints hurt regularly, especially when the weather changed. I looked at the sky and I wanted to howl with pain! But the foil helped me. After a week of following the procedure, relief arrived. How happy I was after learning about this miraculous technique! The course of the treatment with aluminum foil gives a good result! Aluminum foil should be applied to the painful area on the bright side!

The treatment with aluminum was already practiced in ancient China: the sheet of this metal was applied to the biologically active spots responsible for the work of the diseased organs. Today you will learn how to get rid of joint pain with the help of ordinary aluminum foil.

The reflective properties of this material possess an incredible healing power. The treatment of joints with aluminum foil, perhaps the most economical method, and certainly with unquestionable effectiveness!

Aluminum foil treatment is a technique that is attributed to the doctor-psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich. Aluminum foil can cure colds , sciatica, cervical osteochondrosis and even gout.

The lamina applied to the pain point reflects biocurrents in the meridian, from which it originates. It acts on the diseased organ associated with the meridian and the pain disappears. Treatment with aluminum foil is a simple matter.

Wrap a painful place with aluminum foil, for example, your legs, if you suffer from bone pain. Now you know a miraculous and simple remedy that consists only of making a bandage. Aluminum foil should be applied to the painful area. These are the different uses you can make with aluminum foil to cure various conditions:


1. Muscular, bone and joint pains

Wrap the affected area with a sheet and hold it firmly with cloth. Let it act all night. Repeat this procedure for 10-12 days. Then take a 1-2 week break. If the pain is not passed, repeat the course.

2. Treatment of influenza

It is possible to fight infections and flu processes with aluminum foil. This will prevent you from buying antibiotics. Wrap your legs with 6 layers of aluminum foil. Place a natural cloth or paper between the layers. Leave on for 1 hour. After 2 hours, repeat the procedure with a new plate and again for 1 hour. After 2 hours, repeat the procedure. It is recommended to perform this treatment regularly for 7 days.

3. Home remedy for burns

Aluminum foil reduces the pain caused by burns. Place the burned area for a few minutes under cold water. If you do not have a wound in the burn, you can apply some layers of aluminum foil upwards. Then hold with fabric and let act.

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