Abandon these 6 products and say goodbye to a big belly!

Discover the 6 foods that produce abdominal swelling! If you do this that we recommend today you will see results in just 3 days! Your abdomen will deflate and you can lose a couple of kilos. In addition, you will end up with the gases and your digestion will return to normal!

Many people have abdominal distension. It usually occurs in women, but it is also a common phenomenon among men. In fact, many of them have a very bulging and prominent abdomen. Did you know that this evil has to do with our eating habits? But today we have a fast and very effective solution!

If you want to feel comfortable after eating and light all day do not hesitate to continue reading this article. You will notice surprising changes. And the button on your pants or jacket will thank you!

It is not a magic formula. Nor does it consist in killing oneself doing exercises. You just have to avoid eating certain foods. Let’s see what they are!


6 foods that produce abdominal swelling

1. Carbonated drinks (sodas)

The gas in these drinks is lodged directly in the stomach and stays there. This creates an unpleasant sensation of swelling and discomfort. And this is even worse, when it comes to sweetened drinks. Saturated carbohydrates make your body retain much more water than necessary!

2. Beans and cruciferous vegetables

Lentils, chickpeas and broccoli are rich in oligosaccharides. These are fermented by bacteria in the intestines. These foods produce flatulence, in addition to swelling.

3. Salty products

French fries, soy sauce and other foods rich in sodium cause fluid retention. This is the reason why we have the typical feeling of swelling.

4. Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol contains a high level of carbohydrates and also has a diuretic effect. This causes your body to become dehydrated. Consequently, the body receives the order of the brain to “accumulate” water and this causes the retention of liquids. On the other hand, alcohol slows down digestion and metabolism which conspires against weight loss.

5. Fatty and fried foods

Here we refer to processed products such as cold meats and sausages. They are foods saturated with sodium. Refined carbohydrates and those rich in sugar are also counted. They are the main responsible for the swelling and accumulation of retained liquids.

6. Dairy products.

A large number of people have lactose intolerance, but they do not know it. Therefore, if you have abdominal distension, after consuming dairy products, consult a specialist.

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