Amazing home remedy to cure anemia Very effective!

Today we present a curious homemade remedy made with apple with cloves for anemia. Anemia or anemia can trigger many more serious illnesses.

If you suffer from anemia, try this popular remedy. Proven results have been reported in many people who have consumed it.

This home remedy for iron deficiency in the blood may seem crazy. However, there are many testimonies from people who claim to have achieved very good results, really.

Apple with cloves for anemia

Preparation mode

Wash the apple well and dry it well (use an organic apple). Thoroughly clean the iron nails and the piece of copper wire with alcohol.

Place the nails in different places on the block.

Also insert the piece of copper wire through the apple. Copper is a material that helps iron to be absorbed.

Perform this procedure at night and leave the fruit in a cool and dry place for at least 12 hours.

When you wake up the next day, in the morning take out the nails and the wire.

The apple will have been properly fortified and will serve as a home remedy to treat anemia. It is a very effective natural medicine.

A good idea: you can also make a smoothie with apple juice, after the procedure. For this you can liquefy fruit together with a spoonful of honey and half a glass of pure juice of squeezed lemon.

Other useful considerations

Repeat the procedure again and again for 7 days. Every day let the apple rest with nails and wire every night. Again, use again the next morning.

You can use the nails and the copper wire continuously, there is no need to pull or replace them.

Of course, you can repeat this process for longer, but at least 7 days.

Do not worry about contracting infectious diseases such as tetanus or other similar diseases. The iron will enter your digestive system where it will be absorbed, not into the bloodstream.

Do you have anemia? consume these vegetables, they have more iron than meat!

How did you find this homemade apple remedy with nails for anemia? Share the recipe with your friends and family and help others achieve true effective health .