Amazing! The women who tried this medicine eliminated ovarian, breast and kidney cysts!

Excellent home remedy for cysts in the ovaries, sinuses and kidneys. This natural medicine will help you eliminate cysts from any part of the body . We share the recipe!

Having cysts is a common problem in many people. They can manifest in different parts of the body, especially in women. Medical methods to remove them are usually invasive and painful. In addition, it is usually a recurring problem: in many cases they reappear!

In any case, we always believe that just as there are problems there is a solution for each of them. Today we have good news for you. We will share a home remedy for cysts in the ovaries, sinuses and kidneys. Its effectiveness is due to the properties present in the aloe combined with other ingredients.

Home remedy for cysts in the ovaries sinuses and kidneys


  • 150 g of aloe leaves (without spines)
  • ½ liter of medicinal alcohol
  • ½ liter of pure honey from bees
  • 750 cc of good quality red wine
  • 500 g of chicory coffee

Preparation mode

We are going to use the leaves of the aloe vera plant. Attention, you should not water the plant for a week before cutting the leaves.

Cut the leaves and remove the thorns. Now make a longitudinal cut in each one of them. Remove the gel from inside with a spoon.

Take a large bottle of clean glass (3 liters capacity) and incorporate the ingredients.

Close the bottle and let the mixture marinate in a dark, cool place for two weeks.

Consumption mode

This home remedy should be consumed 3 times a day, one tablespoon at a time.

For each of the consumptions make sure that your stomach is empty, so as not to mix the remedy with other foods. This means that you should consume it far from the usual meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.


People who have tried this drink assure that their cysts disappeared. Especially those that nested in the chest, around the kidneys and female organs.

This natural remedy is also used to treat various diseases, namely:



Angina pectoris

Cardiovascular disorders


The quantity supplied in terms of consumption is intended for adults with a weight equal to or greater than 60 kg. It can also be given to children but in proportion to their weight. Example: a 35 kg child should consume half a spoonful for each serving, with a maximum of 3 a day.

What do you think of this home remedy for cysts in the ovaries, sinuses and kidneys? Share the recipe with family, friends and other people who may need it. Help us to promote Effective Health for all.