Apply 2 drops of this remedy to your ear and recover hearing completely!

Place only 2 drops of this home remedy of olive oil and garlic for the ear and you will recover the hearing completely!

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The phenomenon of hearing loss can happen partially or totally. That is, it can mean a decrease in hearing ability or, stop hearing completely.

Among the causes that cause hearing loss are the following among the most common:

Infections in the ear (in particular, those of recurrent type)

Water or earwax accumulated inside the ear

Variation in pressure

Tympanic membrane injury

The accumulation of wax in the ears.

Hereditary factor

Advanced age


Neurological disorders

Next you will learn how to prepare a very effective home remedy to treat hearing disorders. It will also help relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Home remedy with olive oil and garlic for the ear


3 cloves of crushed garlic

1 Tablespoon olive oil

Preparation and application mode

Wash and peel garlic. You will only use 3 teeth. Squeeze or grind until you get juice and place it in a container.

Mix the garlic juice with the olive oil

Pour the mixture into a dropper.

Apply 4 drops to the affected ear. Cover with a cotton ball and rest without moving for 1 minute, to make sure it takes effect.

In the case of milder cases, there is a large number of children suffering from problems or pain in the ear. Most refer to causes of infection. However, other causes may also appear, such as chronic ear infection, perforated eardrum, or sore throat that travels to the ear. In order to combat these unpleasant annoyances and pains in younger children I share the following trick:

Moisten a clean towel or cloth in warm / warm water.

Place in the affected ear for 5 minutes.

Repeat the procedure several times a day.

Why apply heat to the ear? This technique is performed with heat because it will help absorb any liquid that is clogging the ear. In turn, it is a home remedy to dissipate pain.

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