At what time of day do we burn more calories?

At what time do we burn more calories ? When it comes to gaining weight, what you eat is very important. However, according to the results of a small preliminary study, the moment we feed ourselves also plays an important role.

Some specialists conducted an investigation. The study was published in Current Biology. They monitored changes in metabolism. The experience was carried out during the day, in seven men and women during a period of three weeks. The study revealed that people burn more calories towards the end of the day than in the morning.

At what time do we burn more calories?

Food intake was under control and all participants avoided calorie-burning activities. The study revealed that people burn more calories towards the end of the day than in the morning.

“We discovered that when people rest, the energy they spend varies with the time of day,” explained study author Jeanne Duffy.

In fact, “we burn 10% more calories at the end of the afternoon [and] early in the night compared to the first hours of the morning, even when we do exactly the same,” he added.

Duffy is a neuroscientist in circadian rhythm and sleep disorders. He works at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Duffy and his team studied seven healthy men and women from 38 to 69 years of age. No one suffered from insomnia or any chronic illness. Participants did not smoke, did not drink large amounts of coffee and did not take prescription drugs or not.

In addition, the participants were asked to live in a room without being guided by time, that is, without clocks, internet, telephone and windows.

The participants followed a diet and were not allowed to burn calories. Therefore, researchers can analyze metabolism without being affected by eating habits, sleep conditions and physical activity.

In conclusion: the researchers found that the burning of resting calories was lower in the morning and higher in the afternoon and evening. It is not clear if the calorie burn would be the same if the participants were doing physical activity, Duffy added.

Does counting calories help you lose weight?

“Our findings virtually mean that any deviation in feeding and sleeping schedules can increase the chances of weight gain. This may explain why night shift workers are more likely to get fat, “he said.

Duffy recommends maintaining a fixed amount of sleep and food time to avoid weight gain.

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