Avocado leaf tea for you

Benefits of avocado leaf tea, what is it for and what are its uses and properties for various diseases and for human health in general

Avocado, also called avocado or avocado is a vegetable widely used by naturopathic medicine. Its scientific name is Persea gratissima.

Not only can we take advantage of its fruit but also its leaves. The latter are

a very effective natural remedy to treat various health conditions.


How to make tea from avocado leaves

  1. Wash 5 avocado leaves
  2. place them in a bowl

of water until it boils.

  1. Let the water boil for 3 minutes. Then cover the container and let stand 20 minutes for the leaves to release their properties.

Avocado leaf: characteristics

Its name “avocado” comes from the ancient Aztecs. The avocado leaves have been used by these Mexican aborigines to eliminate parasites.

The avocado leaves have an elongated and round shape. They are thick and have a reddish hue when they are small. As time goes by they turn green.

These leaves are full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals very beneficial for the organism. They can help cure various pathologies. Among its benefits are: calm nervousness, help treat insomnia, constipation, upset stomach, urinary tract infections. We can even use them to treat ulcers.

The avocado leaves can be used for the following purposes:


Domestic cooking (in the kitchen)

Medicinal uses (as a home remedy)

Avocado leaf tea what is it for?

T e of avocado leaves in pregnancy

With the avocado leaves we can make a tea with medicinal uses. This infusion is recommended to treat infusions are highly recommended in cases of menstrual pain. It is also used to help labor and in case of irregularity in the female period.

Avocado leaves for digestive problems

Avocado leaf tea can help you solve digestive disorders such as diarrhea.

Tea of ​​avocado leaves for cough

An infusion with avocado leaves can help eliminate coughs and colds. Place water in a bowl with 5 avocado leaves. Add half a clove of crushed garlic. Boil everything for 10 minutes. Let cool for a few minutes and is ready to consume. Optionally, add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten. Drink this remedy 3 times a day.

Avocado leaves for diabetes

Avocado is a very appropriate food for people with diabetes. It is an important source of healthy fats known as omega 3 fatty acids.

Several studies have shown that the consumption of this type of fat can improve insulin sensitivity. This makes the avocado a very valuable resource for those who want to control type 2 diabetes naturally.

How to consume tea from avocado leaves

During the menstrual period it is recommended to drink the warm infusion. Consume 2 to

3 times a day.

To combat intestinal worms it is recommended to drink an infusion of avocado leaves fasting. It is one of the most effective home remedies to treat parasitism.

Avocado leaves can help a lot to counteract stomach upsets. These can occur due to colic, indigestion or overfeeding. The properties of these boiled leaves help stimulate the

gastric juices . This favors digestion and helps reduce acidity.

Tea of ​​avocado leaves for bruises and bruises

If you have suffered blows or contusion you can use this natural remedy. For this, it is necessary to apply a poultice of avocado leaves.

Heat several leaves with a little water for 15 to 20 minutes at medium temperature. Then, strain the sheets. Place them in a container or mortar to crush well. A blender can be useful.

Crush well to form a flexible paste, well integrated and consistent (not liquid). Apply directly on the affected area and let it act.

Avocado leaf tea for the kidneys

If you suffer from any kidney dysfunction or disease this infusion will help you almost immediately to improve your health. With an avocado leaf tea you can improve the functioning of your kidneys.

To make an avocado leaf tea home remedy for the kidneys you must follow these instructions:

  1. Wash 7 avocado leaves
  2. place them in a bowl of water until it boils.
  3. Let the water boil for 15 minutes. Then cover the container and let stand 20 minutes for the leaves to release their properties. Drink to taste.

Important: for this remedy to take effect, you must drink the tea on an empty stomach. You should also drink a liter of this avocado leaf tea every night, before going to sleep. You will notice that the number of times you will urinate will increase. It’s good news: your kidneys are working!

Avocado leaves to lose weight

You can also use avocado leaves as a home remedy to lose weight. If you drink tea from avocado leaves you will lose weight quickly. This is because the leaves have a diuretic action. Therefore, they reduce the swelling caused by retained liquids accumulated in the body.

Avocado leaves for hair

Avocado leaves favor hair growth thanks to its nutrients and vitamins. For this purpose, follow these steps:

1- place the leaves in a pot and put them to heat in water.

2 – Once it reaches the boil, leave 5 more minutes and put out the fire.

3- Strain the water into a container and let cool.

4- Use as a rinse every time you finish washing your hair

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