Banana peel for acne

We have told you a lot about the benefits of bananas for health. In this article you will see how to use the banana peel for acne.

Many people treat acne with traditional medications and drugs. But home remedies based on natural and chemical-free ingredients will always be recommended .

banana peel for acne

The banana skin that we usually throw into the trash can has very beneficial properties to treat this condition. They contain lutein, a potent antioxidant and caratenoid (associated with vitamin A). These components help us reduce inflammation.

Banana peel for acne – Application mode

Wash your face You can apply warm water with soap or some facial cleanser to clean the dirt and grease from the skin.

Choose a ripe banana. To do this make sure your shell has dark spots.


Take the banana peel and cut it into pieces of 5 centimeters. Take a piece and rub your face in the area affected by acne. Always use the inside face of the banana peel. Do this for a few minutes.

When the banana peel has lost its white color inside, take another piece and continue rubbing.

Once you have applied the banana skin on the face, let it act on your skin. For you to have better results, wait until the day is over to rinse off.

If for some reason you should sanitize yourself and cannot wait to finish the day to wash yourself, do this procedure before going to sleep. Then, upon waking, you will sanitize yourself but the banana peel will have done its job while you sleep.

banana peel for acne when do i apply it?

It is recommended to do this treatment once a day, every day of the week, or at least day in between. To see better results, it should be done every day, consecutively.

After the first 2 to 3 days you can see improvements in your skin. Acne will gradually be removed and the affected area will stop looking so irritated.


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