because some people give electric touches

Did you know why some people give electric touches  ? It’s more common than you thought! Discover the reasons in this article and how you can avoid being charged with static electricity!

Who has not felt an electric shock when shaking hands or patting someone else’s shoulder? To all of us at some point it has happened to us. However, we have not stopped to ask ourselves why it happens.

Has it happened to you to suffer electric shocks from the same person? If it has happened to you, it is because some people are more likely to accumulate and drive electric current. Let’s see why this phenomenon occurs:

Because some people give electric touches?

We start by recognizing that matter is made up of atoms. These in their core contain protons (positive charge), electrons (negative charge) and neutrons (neutral charge). On the basis that the charges of different sign are attracted, the negatively charged ones remain attached to the nucleus.

A priori, all human beings are “conductors” of electricity. Matter itself is made up of atoms with positive or negative charge.

When an object or material is at rest it has static electricity. This charge can be altered by imbalances (gain or loss of positive or negative electrons).

Static electricity is generated when the electric charge is accumulated in an insulated or insulated body .

Why is electricity being conducted from one person to another?

When touching certain people they receive the discharge of others. This can translate into a slight “spark”. The reason why this phenomenon occurs is due to the fact that the electrons that are left over in the conductive person, will seek to be discharged by land. When such a person is sufficiently “isolated”, said electrons will look for “another means” that transports them to the ground.

Who receives the discharge acts figuratively as a “lightning rod”. Meanwhile, whoever emits the electricity, when releasing the electric charge, will discharge and return to a neutral state (balance between protons and electrons).

How to avoid charging with static electricity?

In general, it is advisable to use footwear with a thick rubber sole. This is because the rubber isolates us from the ground, avoiding the consequences of becoming a conductor of electricity and the unpleasant experience of going through its effects.

If you have noticed yourself being a conductor of electricity you can also do something. It is possible to reduce this condition by washing your hands when you feel charged. The electrical charge you receive can come from coming into contact with things like metals, ceramics or cement.

Certain climatological phenomena favor the static load like the climate or cold and dry air. Also, staying in certain environments, such as those with central heating on, are prone to the development of static electricity.

Some useful recommendations to avoid loading yourself with static

  • Wear shoes with leather soles • Take

a shower

  • Wash your hands
  • Take off your shoes and step on the grass

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