Better than water with lemon! Try this slimming pump!

Better than water with lemon! Make this juice of grapefruit and ginger to burn fat and lose weight  . Detoxify your body, lift your defenses and lose weight!

Undoubtedly, removing fat from the belly area and losing weight is one of the most difficult challenges to achieve for anyone. However, there is a natural way to eliminate these fats. This powerful juice of grapefruit and ginger to burn fat and lose weight will work wonders on your body!

In today’s article we will share a powerful natural drink based on only 4 ingredients. It will help you to accelerate your metabolism, detoxify your body and lose those unruly pounds!

Recipe of grapefruit juice and ginger to burn fat and lose weight


Ginger powder or grate 2 cm from the root

1 Grapefruit

2 glasses of water

cinnamon powder

This combination of ingredients is perfect! Now you will be able to burn fat quickly and effectively, without effort or having to kill yourself doing exercises! Grapefruit or grapefruit is considered an extremely beneficial fruit for the burning of fats and elimination of toxins and waste from the body. You will notice important changes in just one week!

We recommend that you drink this beverage before going to sleep at night. It is proven that our metabolism increases while we sleep. This helps optimize the burning of calories automatically. If you want to lose weight and speed up your metabolism, just drink a cup of this shake before going to sleep. Repeat the procedure for 12 consecutive days.

After that time, you must pause for 3 days. Then, repeat the procedure for another 12 days. Enjoy the benefits!

Now look how to make this powerful recipe and observe well the steps, which follow below:

Preparation mode

Wash well and remove the skin of grapefruit or grapefruit.

Cut the fruit into cubes and pour into a blender.

Incorporate the water, and the chopped ginger.

Add stevia and ice (to sweeten and refresh, optional)

Mix all ingredients well at medium speed.

Once ready, add the cinnamon powder.

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What do you think of this recipe ? Prepare this powerful grapefruit and ginger juice to burn fat and lose weight naturally. Share it with your friends and family and help other people to enjoy full Effective Health !