Causes of fluid retention and what we can do

What are the causes of fluid retention and what can we do? If you apply these tips you will improve your health and lose weight!

Many people experience a sudden rise in weight. Frequently this phenomenon has to do with retained liquids accumulated in the organism.

Here we show you the causes and how to eliminate fluid retention. On our website you can also checkĀ  how to eliminate liquids retained naturally

To begin with, there is a group of people with greater propensity to suffer fluid retention. We refer to pregnant women, inactive people and those who consume medications.

Thanks to the work developed by scientists through various investigations it is possible to know their causes. From these we will share tips for you to learn how to eliminate liquids retained quickly.

Causes of fluid retention and what we can do

1- Too much sodium in the body

Consuming high levels of salt is one of the causes that causes fluid retention. In particular, if you do not drink enough water. By consuming a lot of salt our body retains water to stay in balance.

What should you do?

Eat less processed foods We refer to foods such as sausages, cold meats, pasta, prepared soups, canned products, potato chips

Instead, consume natural foods such as boiled vegetables, eggs, or meat with moderate salt.

Another recommendation: replace table salt with sea salt. You can also buy salt from the himalayas. The latter are special salts that help us reduce retention.

2- Drinking insufficient amount of water

Dehydration is counted as another cause of fluid retention. When not enough water enters the body, this struggle to ensure that your body is sufficiently hydrated. As a result, it will retain liquids to avoid decompensation.

What should you do?

Just take the habit of drinking more water. It is advisable to drink 6 or 8 glasses per day of 250 cc each. This ensures a correct functioning of the body.

In addition, he prefers to consume foods rich in water such as certain fruits and vegetables.

3- Magnesium deficit

Do you have poor levels of magnesium? This could be the cause that explains the fluid retention in your body. This mineral is present in almost all physiological processes. When we do not have enough magnesium, the body can not function properly and holds liquids, as a defense mechanism.

What should you do?

Incorporate foods rich in magnesium into your diet. We share a list for you to choose the ones you prefer.



Whole grains


Dark green vegetables such as Swiss chard, spinach, arugula or chicory.



Retention of liquids in the face

Considering the generality of cases except those that require medical intervention, we recommend the following 100% natural home remedies to treat the swollen face .

As a general rule, reducing the amount of fluid retained and losing weight means a change in habits . Not only eat healthy but apply other changes.

In this sense it may be necessary to review how you sleep, what your energy level is during the day and what your daily physical activity is.

Remember to add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Also try to rest the adequate time at night (6 to 8 hours). Drink plenty of water and keep moving or exercise during the week.

If you apply these tips in a combined way and follow them regularly you will notice important results in your health. Not only will you lose weight but it will significantly improve your health and standard of living.

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