Celery juice parsley and lemon to lose weight

If you are looking for weight loss alternatives, this one we offer is magnificent. Learn how to make a juice of celery, parsley and lemon to lose weight .

It is a different shake from the common one offered because of the joint action of celery, parsley and lemon. They are properly selected ingredients to cause fat burning and substantial weight loss. In addition, this drink ensures an adequate and balanced diet for the nutrients it provides.

It is known that losing weight is not a simple task. This is because good functioning must be combined at the level of metabolism, digestion, intestines, liver and kidneys. All in a fine harmony.

And that is precisely what you will achieve with this smoothie. That each and all of these organs optimize their functions. And this improvement translates into cleansing the body, better assimilation of nutrients, weight loss, strengthening the immune system and better overall health.

Today you will learn a simple recipe that improves digestion and ensures you lose those extra kilos that bother you so much.


Celery juice parsley and lemon to lose weight

This shake is an incredible detoxifier, moisturizer, and digestive stimulant. It makes a thorough cleaning of all the toxins accumulated in the body. In addition, it favors the rapid elimination of fat and is known for its diuretic and satiating properties.


2 celery stalks

1 grated lemon peel

The juice of a lemon

3 tablespoons chopped parsley

1 liter of filtered water

Preparation Mode:

Wash all food properly. Then chop the celery root. Grate the lemon peel. Chop the parsley. Bring the water to a boil for 20 minutes and add all the ingredients except the lemon juice. Let the mixture stand for about 5 to 6 hours.

When it cools completely, add the lemon juice, mix everything and store this drink in clean, airtight bottles in the refrigerator.

Consumption Mode:

It is recommended to consume 3 times a day. Consume 30 minutes at an hour prior to the 3 main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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