Checked! Practice this exercise and you will return mobility to your legs!

The popularity of this exercise of intertwined fingers for the mobility of the legs grew after a case of life.  Apply today and you will see huge results!

The popularity of this exercise of intertwined fingers for the mobility of the legs grew after a case of life. Apply today and you will see huge results!

An anonymous source reports that his father went to the hospital with a stroke. He spent two weeks in intensive care and for more than a week was discharged. Then, he was able to sit down on his own and the mobility gradually begins to return to his legs. A true miracle!

It happens that when a person has limited mobility as a result of a heart attack, stroke or polyarthritis, it is not the end. He still thirsts for life, thirsts for movement and nothing can force him to remain confined in a wheelchair or in bed. In these cases, recovery exercises come to the rescue.

This method that we will share today was developed hundreds of years ago by the Tibetan lamas. It became popular recently and found virality in social networks. That is why we suggest, to those who suffer from these health problems , that they apply this incredible exercise.

Interlacing your fingers will help you regain youth and mobility of your legs. It is also worth doing this exercise for the prevention of mobility problems in legs and feet. It is better to exercise before the problems of old age take us by surprise.

Having healthy feet and knees can make the huge difference between walking independently or moving around in a wheelchair. The diligent performance of this exercise will help to correct the damage caused to the feet during life.

Interlaced fingers exercise for leg mobility


Sit on a chair or on the floor.

Lift your left knee, pull your leg towards yourself and then hold your left foot with both hands.

Tie the fingers of the right hand with the toes of the left foot.

Pull the tips of the toes with the heel muscles towards the knee and separate them.

Hold this position for 1 minute and then repeat the exercise with the other leg.

After the exercise, pay attention to how the color of the foot changes due to the increase in blood circulation.

If you can not get your fingers between your toes, try wrapping them around your toes. Do it by pressing the bottom of the palm of the hand against the rounded bone below the toes. Pull the fingers towards the knee and separate them as much as possible.

After a week of such stretching of the foot muscles, you can begin to press several reflex points on the thumb simultaneously. At the same time, with the thumb of the other hand, an additional stretch can be applied to the big toe, separating it from the second toe. And also extend your little fingers and big fingers in opposite directions.

Try every day to increase the duration of the exercise. It starts from 5 minutes a day.

Interlaced fingers exercise for leg mobility (bed position)

Lie on your back with a folded blanket or a book under your head.

Bend both knees and put your feet on the floor next to the buttocks.

Pull the right knee to the chest and lift the side of the right foot on the left thigh near the knee.

Keep the right foot with the left hand.

Interlock the fingers of the left hand with the toes of the right foot

While maintaining that woven position, place the right heel in place and direct the fingers towards the right knee.

Exercise to strengthen the hips

To take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen the hips, detach the left leg of the floor and adjust the left knee to the chest. You can hold your right knee with your right hand or your right foot so it does not slip off your left thigh (if you find it hard to reach your toes with your hand, put a thick book or roller on your left foot and therefore increase the height of the support under the head).

How to eliminate toxins from the body by the feet

Lower the right leg and repeat the exercise with the left leg.

And do not worry, if in the initial stage this exercise will cause you discomfort, since the stronger the pain with which your fingers stretch, the more useful this exercise will be for you. Try to remember something good that can cause a smile, breathe deeply and slowly, and you yourself will be surprised at how quickly the pain and stiffness will disappear.

Even the ancient Chinese noticed that the first to begin to grow legs, and then the whole body . After all, a lot of nerve endings and reflex zones are concentrated in the legs.

Therefore, I suggest you learn some useful recommendations that will help keep your feet healthy, and with them the youth and good condition of the whole body.

As you can see everything is much easier than it seems. Use this exercise as prophylaxis, as well as in severe cases as an effective method of recovery.

Interlacing the fingers and toes will help relearn how to walk. If you are patient and demanding enough of yourself. It has 10 fingers on the feet and 10 on the hands and you can join them to obtain enormous benefits!

We hope that this simple exercise will help you maintain youth and leg mobility for longer. Tell your friends about this truly miraculous method in social networks. You never know who you could be helping!