Dark Spots on the Face: Why they Appear and How to Eliminate!

Our physical appearance is the best weapon of presentation, and above all for us women, the face represents the entrance door, the first impression we make on everyone. That is why, when certain symptoms or inequalities appear in him, terror seizes us immediately!

The spots on the skin are an undesirable aesthetic problem suffered by many women. They usually appear due to climatic, hormonal or genetic factors.

In the particular case of dark spots on the face, the process in some extends to other parts of the body such as hands and other visible places, causing some discomfort and anguish, as it is somewhat difficult to hide them generally if they have been exposed to the sun.


Hyper pigmentation or dark spots on the face why do they appear?

The hyper pigmentation is a process that results from the overproduction of a substance called melanin. This situation gives way to flat cutaneous plaques whose coloration oscillates in a dark brown tone that in some occasions can turn black, and that can vary from one person to another in shape and size.

The specialists agree, in that the dark spots in the face appear by the overproduction of melanin and is triggered by an increase in sun exposure, age, genetic history or hormonal problems.

Risk factor’s

Increase in solar exposure. This may be the determining factor, which activates melanin in the skin, since this substance is our natural sunscreen, that is, the one in charge of protecting us from UV rays, that is why a prolonged exposure to the sun could result counterproductive.

Hormonal problems. For us women, some hormonal problems are due to pregnancy. Thus, the production of female sex hormones called estrogen and progesterone, is activated if we have an overexposure to the sun. This process leads to the appearance of a hyper pigmentation called melasma or chloasma and affects 90% of pregnant women.

Fighting dark spots on the face

To deal with this issue, there are certain dermatological treatments and cosmetic products that diminish, attenuate and even eliminate them. Everything depends on each organism, the balanced and healthy diet that we take daily, the cleansing and exfoliation that we give to the skin and in general, the care of not contributing with the risk factors that trigger them.

So, what to do to treat Hyper pigmentation?

Basically, and if we are a little busy at home or work, try natural masks or home remedies, it can help you as a first step to decrease them.


Let’s see some masks that you can simply prepare:

Aloe vera mask it is already well known the properties of aloe vera or aloe for many things, and dark spots on the face do not escape it. If you have a plant at home, you can make excellent recipes for your face. Cut one of its leaves, remove the skin or green portion and cut its crystals into small pieces. Then with a fork, minimize its size, until it looks like a kind of porridge. Store in the refrigerator, and apply twice a day, preferably in the mornings and at night, for 3 weeks. In this way, you will notice how little by little the skin becomes clear.

Mask with vitamin E red onion. Buy soft capsules of vitamin E and open them by depositing the liquid in a small container. Add the game of a purple onion and mix. Apply this great mask with the help of a cotton swab. This recipe helps even to minimize freckles, because the mixture formed has antioxidants that, if they are placed on your face at night, act by reducing stains.

These options can reduce the level of blemishes on your face, if you maintain constant care. It is also possible to access aesthetic treatments that manage to reduce these maculae with great effectiveness.


 Next, I commented, that anti-pigmentation procedures are the most requested

Chemical peels. This process consists in the application of an acidic substance in the affected area, to remove those superficial layers that generate stains on the skin. It is left for a few minutes, and then proceeds to remove it through an exfoliation, which gives way to a new and fresh skin.

Laserterapia. This technique is quite similar to the previous one, however, it is much more precise, reaching exactly where you want to clean. The application of laser can sometimes be painful, generate injuries or inflammations depending on the sensitivity of our skin.


Other natural options

Currently, there are non-invasive products made on the market based on natural substances that help us to care for the skin and have reducing agents against stains.

If we lean towards this type of options, the ideal is to look for those that contain vitamin C, arbutin, retinoic acid, kojic acid or azelaic acid. The presence of one or more of these elements in the cosmetic product of your preference, will significantly help to combat this distressing problem.