Discover how to take the pressure correctly 90% of people do it wrong!

Do you have a blood pressure monitor in your home medicine cabinet? Today we will explain how to take blood pressure correctly. The blood pressure monitor may show erroneous data, since most people use it incorrectly and do not take into account some of the rules to prepare for this process.

In our day, many people suffer from pressure problems, and even in adolescence. Frequent headache, weakness, dizziness and tinnitus are only part of the symptoms that indicate a sudden increase in blood pressure. The blood pressure monitor can now be found in almost all families. Particularly it is an essential instrument in case of elderly people and pregnant women.

But being able to connect a blood pressure monitor and understand what the result means is far from being a guarantee that you will receive correct data. Even a doctor can get a distorted result. This is because there are rules to measure pressure, which are not related to the quality of the device. 90% of people do not consider them. Today you will learn how to measure blood pressure correctly.

To avoid mistakes when measuring the pressure with an electronic or mechanical blood pressure monitor, pay attention to the following nuances.

How to take blood pressure correctly

At least 30 minutes before measuring blood pressure, you should refrain from smoking and drinking caffeinated beverages (coffee, cola, tea).

Before measuring blood pressure, you should rest for at least 5 minutes.

The bladder should be emptied before measuring blood pressure.

Do not take the pressure before 2 hours from the consumption of drugs or drugs. The second pressure measurement can be done only one minute after the first.

During the procedure, place your hand so that the middle of the shoulder with the bracelet overlapped is at the level of the heart. The lower edge of the cuff should be 2-3 cm higher than the elbow.

Sit reclining on the back of a chair.

Do not talk during the measurement.

When measuring, the legs should not be crossed, and the feet should be on the ground.

The mechanical tensiometer is very sensitive to noise in the room. Therefore, the pressure indicators measured in a pharmacy often differ from the actual data.

If you do not know how to use the blood pressure monitor or do not want to bother with it, there are other means. There are also automated electronic devices to measure blood pressure at the level of the shoulder, wrist and fingers. However, some specialists argue that they do not have data as accurate as their mechanical counterparts.

Never ignore pressure spikes! People who do not attribute importance to this problem are 7 times more likely to experience serious strokes. 4 times more than suffering from ischemic heart disease. And double the damage to the vessels of the legs.

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Measure the pressure by following all these rules that we share above, to obtain an accurate result. Share this useful article with your friends and family on social networks! Help us reach more people for an Effective Health for all!