Discover why the Japanese are more long-lived and do not get fat

That is why the people of Japan live longer, do not age or get fatter. If you want to live to be a hundred years old, follow these tips! Here are the habits of the Japanese, who made the Land of the Rising Sun, the leader in the number of healthy livers.

Did you know that age of a healthy liver begins at 90? In Japan, the average life expectancy is 84 years. Nutrition, lifestyle and back training play a great role in longevity , since the healthy backbone of the people of the rising sun is considered the key to success.

The Japanese lead a vertical lifestyle. Their teas are many times more useful than ours and the twisted neck is generally considered the main sign of health problems . Today we will share with you the rules of a healthy life that will help you live the precious 100 year mark.

Here are the reasons why the Japanese are more long-lived and do not get fat

1. They do not have a sedentary lifestyle

We work in cars, we sit in a shift, while for the Japanese the car is still a luxury, and everyone is used to driving on public transport. They stand on the subway and walk to the workplace, and some even work on the computer while they are standing. And although we said why we do not like the spine when we sit down, we still want to talk more about nutrition.

2. Healthy eating

When they dine, the Japanese are guided by the 80% rule, which means not eating the food completely and leaving a little food. In addition, the size of the plates they have is much smaller, and they are given with toothpicks and not with large spoons.

Many of us love fried and fried foods, while the Japanese prefer to cook or steam. We have fat soups and hodgepodge, they have lean wines with seaweed.

3. They go to the hospital more often than the hairdresser.

Medical care in Japan is at the highest level: the residents of this country visit the clinic at least 12 times a year. An interesting feature: patients can choose their own doctor.

4. Adopt the main drink tea and gives meaning to life.

Japanese tea is many times more useful than tea bags, which is common in us, and what only “matcha” costs is green tea in the form of powder, without which the tea ceremony does not work.

5. Do the “Golden Fish” exercise

The healer Katsuzo Nishi described useful training to unload the spine, the most effective of which is the “Goldfish” exercise.

6. Health and hygiene

The Japanese are obsessed with cleanliness: they wash twice a day and are not lazy when it comes to cleaning the house and the workplace. Store owners wash the sidewalk in front of the entrance, cleaners clean trash cans and airline employees manually clean carpets from smaller litters.

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