Do you sweat too much? We explain why it happens

The organism has a mechanism that regulates internal body temperature. In cases where we suffer a lot of heat, we perspire and that sweat fulfills the function of “cooling” or “cooling” our body for this purpose. However, perspiring more than the bill may reveal a disorder that you might not know. Keep reading and we’ll explain it to you!

While each organism is different from others and the amount of sweat it produces can vary from case to case, excessive sweating or technically called ” hyperhidrosis ” occurs when our body perspires more sweat than the amount needed.

How do I realize if I sweat too much?

There are indicators that can reveal that we are sweating more than usual as feeling cold. There are several causes that can explain it:

The consumption of antidepressants and other medications for blood pressure.

The consumption of certain medications such as those for endocrinological use to treat diabetes or thyroid.

The consumption of certain foods . Sweat usually occurs only on one side of the face and is caused by the intake of certain foods. This phenomenon is known scientifically with the name ” Frey syndrome “.

In addition, hyperhidrosis may occur during menopause due to a hormonal imbalance.

This phenomenon can also be caused by infectious processes, cardiovascular, pulmonary diseases, stroke and even cancer .

According to what we have just explained, we can conclude that you do not necessarily have to find yourself sick to perspire excessively although to know it fully you will have to consult with a specialist medical professional to analyze your case and define the specific and appropriate treatment that you should receive.

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