Everything you wanted to know about the first period after cesarean

Here we tell you everything you needed to know about the first period after cesarean delivery. Do not stop sharing this valuable information with other women!

Women who go through the stage of pregnancy stop menstruating for a period of time somewhat longer than the time it takes to gestation. That is, an approximate period of nine months and even more.

Everything you wanted to know about the first period after cesarean


First period after cesarean delivery: everything you need to know

The period is interrupted but it does not stop forever. It comes back after the birth of the child, whether she is giving birth by cesarean or vaginal delivery.

When does the first period return after the cesarean section?

The return of the period depends on breastfeeding and how quickly the hormones return to normal levels. The levels of estrogen hormones, progesterone and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) fall after pregnancy, according to Gordon Edlin and Eric Golanty in the book ” Health and well-being.”

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However, if you are breastfeeding prolactin hormone levels do not decrease. Reproductive hormones are suppressed and an egg can not be produced for fertilization or menstruation.

When will the period come if I breastfeed?

If you are breastfeeding, prolactin levels are increasing. This stops ovulation for at least six months, according to Maternal Child Nursing Care.

When will the period come if I do not breastfeed at all after the birth of my child?

If you do not breastfeed, the first period will come 6 to 8 weeks after the birth of your child.

Other things you should know:

You may not have a period at all during breastfeeding, but there are also cases of women whose period comes back even if they are breastfeeding.

You can get pregnant even if the first period after your birth does not arrive. Do not think you are not fertile during breastfeeding!

What factors affect postpartum menstruation?

The hormonal changes in the female body have a tremendous effect in the early stages. Therefore, it is worth knowing that in addition to breastfeeding, menstruation will also be affected by other factors such as:

health problems before pregnancy

Alteration of hormonal levels.

unwanted menstruation before pregnancy





thyroid disorder

intense physical activity

Does the period change in the postpartum stage?

Yes, the rule during the postpartum or post-cesarean phase are not the same as those you had prior to the pregnancy. Your body will adjust from the beginning to your menstrual cycle and you will notice some changes, such as:

Small blood clots

Menstraución stronger, lighter, or without cramps (compared to usual)

Unwanted blood flow

Sufficient blood flow

These changes will decrease slowly and gradually during the next cycles. However, until your hormones are balanced and your body returns to normal, your periods will be irregular.

When should I visit the doctor?

If you notice unusual changes even months after giving birth or if your period does not return after 6 months (at least) go to the doctor. The professional will evaluate the possible presence of hormonal problems, secondary amenorrhea, related to pregnancy or any other condition.

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