Facial Treatments to Show off a Better Complexion

Many people take the time to do physical exercise and show off a well-formed and molded body but forget that you also have to take care of the skin of the face. Therefore, to make your features look radiant, you need to eliminate all those impurities such as dust, pollution or makeup so you should always wash your face before sleep and when you wake up and avoid your skin absorbing these impurities. This is why you can resort to a professional and perform facials so you can show off a beautiful complexion every day.

Here we present some facial treatments that you can perform at any beauty center:

Facial cleansing and deep hydration

This treatment consists of deeply cleaning your face eliminating any impurity and returning to the skin its natural appearance. For this use cleansing cream or liquid soap, exfoliant and depending on the emollient case in lotion. They also usually use special creams to eliminate fat in the pores. Finally, moisturizing cream and a nourishing and soothing facial mask are applied to rehydrate the skin.

Facial mesotherapy and ultrasound

This treatment consists of injecting biological substances composed of amino acids, minerals and vitamins which, when applying ultrasound, penetrate, regenerate and hydrate the skin.


This treatment has become very popular, is to apply a chemical substance on the skin in order to remove old or damaged layers. This may vary depending on the selected peel. Some work more superficially and are used in cases of mild sun damage or to improve the skin if you suffer from acne. While the deep ones are used to eliminate scars and wrinkles.


Laser rejuvenation

This treatment is carried out by applying a light emission with certain characteristics, laser treatment helps to repair sun damage and eliminate wrinkles of the skin is an advance of great importance for the branch of dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

Hyaluronic acid

This chemical compound is injected superficially into the skin so that it is naturally integrated, so that it does not produce allergies, hydrating it and giving it volume. For this treatment it is not necessary to perform allergy tests since this substance is injected superficially into the layers of the epidermis so that it is naturally integrated with the tissues without the appearance of fibrosis due to foreign bodies.

LED phototherapy

This technology has its origin in NASA, since astronauts use equipment with this technology with the purpose of stimulating the regeneration of the skin. This light is produced by diodes that were normally used for interior lighting. But being a light so pure and low power technology has been applied in procedures for the cosmetic and therapeutic branch.

As you can see, these facial treatments can be very beneficial for you and will allow you to show a healthy, radiant, beautiful and perfect complexion.