Garlic alcohol what is it for?

Garlic is widely used by ancient peoples to cure a myriad of diseases. Garlic alcohol, what is it for?

In today’s article we are going to share a recipe for Tibet based on this powerful natural ingredient so you can look healthy for many years.

As we have explained on previous occasions, garlic is a potent natural anti-bacterial that has incredible properties that are very beneficial for health and that allow us to live free of disease. Garlic is used by many eastern nations. It has been the natural remedy employed by Buddhist monks for hundreds of years!

Tibetan formula to live healthy and disease free for long years

Below we share a super easy to prepare Tibetan recipe. These are the benefits you will get

garlic alcohol what is it for?

Lower hypertension

Stimulate the circulatory system

Remove toxins and purify the body

Remove excess accumulated fat

Decrease bad cholesterol and raise good

Garlic Alcohol, how to prepare …


* 250 ml of 70 ° alcohol for home use

* 350 grams of garlic

Method of preparation

You must crush the garlic and mix in alcohol. Then, you should put this preparation in a transparent glass container and store in the refrigerator for 10 days. After that time, you strain the liquid and let it rest for 2 more days.


How to use

You should consume this home remedy for 10 consecutive days. Below we share the following chart where you can see how many drops you should consume in the morning, afternoon and night , respectively:

Once you have completed the days days you can repeat this procedure at least once a year. Doing it this way will keep you immunized against an infinity of various diseases. Investing 10 days a year in a natural treatment is not much to ask if we take into account the enormous benefits that we obtain in our health do not you think?