Halasana yoga exercise to detoxify the liver

Learn how to do this halasana yoga exercise to detoxify the liver. This is how you can heal the liver without medication. We share an exercise that works perfectly! And it is not necessary to buy any medication!

The role of the liver in the human body is in a wide and diverse range of its functions. The main one is to act as a “barrier”. This is because the liver offers resistance to toxins. It also protects us from the toxic products of protein metabolism and everything harmful that can enter the body. An inadequate diet based on the consumption of alcohol, added to bad habits affects the state of the liver and can cause the appearance of several diseases.

In most cases, there are various forms of liver failure, fatty degeneration of the liver (a disease that precedes cirrhosis) and various types of hepatitis. If everything is already running, it is impossible to do without the medicines, but it can prevent and alleviate the disease with the help of an exercise.


Halasana yoga exercise to detoxify the liver

In traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is considered the ” commander of the army that develops the strategy “. And this concerns not only our body, but also the influence of the liver on our ability to plan life. According to Chinese medicine, the liver is responsible for the movement, distribution and circulation of energy throughout the body.

These are interrelated processes: the liver provides the movement of energy, and the energy in turn moves the blood. Consequently, if the energy stagnates, then the blood stagnates. Due to this, several health problems can arise : pain in the sides, thorax and lower abdomen and clot formation. It can also affect menstruation in women, including their absence.

In yoga, there is an asana that helps solve these problems. It is known as halasana, or plow pose. It is a halasana yoga exercise to detoxify the liver. Helps to overcome various forms of liver failure. To a certain extent, it duplicates the action of hepatoprotectors and also helps to restore the functioning of the liver and the circulation of qi energy in the body.

To perform this exercise correctly, lie on your back, stretch your arms along your body with your palms facing down and squeeze your legs. This is the initial position. All the following movements must be carried out with extreme caution and without sudden movements.

How to do the halasana yoga exercise to detoxify the liver

To begin, raise your legs straight so they are perpendicular to the floor.

Place the palm of your hand on the floor.

Lift your legs, raising your back perpendicular to the ground.

Now move and flex your legs over your head until you touch the ground with your feet.

Keep your legs straight. For greater efficiency, the hands should be grasped by a handle or hook. Hold this position for 2 or 3 minutes (you can count to 100). After returning gently to the starting position.

What happens during exercise and why does it help the liver?

The volume of an abdominal cavity decreases and intrauterine pressure increases. The compression of the hepatic veins increases, and the venous outflow changes. Upon exiting the exercise, the bloodstream begins with a new force. This improves blood circulation, accelerates the activity of liver cells and biochemical reactions. And also the energy begins to circulate correctly.

The most important thing in this exercise is for the liver: the time to get out of it. Therefore, there is no special meaning on how to perform the exercise with straight or bent legs. If it is difficult to keep the legs straight, you can lower the knees on the forehead and separate the elbows. The effect for the liver will be the same.

You can learn more about the correct implementation of this wonderful exercise in the video. Beginners need to see!

Is it possible to cure the liver   without medication, using only this exercise?

Everything depends on the extent of the disease. If this is a serious liver violation, it is best to consult a doctor and be treated with the appropriate medications. This yoga halasana exercise to detoxify the liver can be used as an adjunct to the treatment .

If you just feel a little sick, heavy or uncomfortable (for example, have eaten on vacation or have drunk too much and your liver has rebelled), this exercise will help you surprisingly!

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