Hawaiian technique to lose weight with the power of words

Discover the Hooponopono to lose weight while you sleep . It is a guided Hawaiian meditation technique. Would you be interested to know it? Keep reading!


Origins of the Hooponopono

According to Wikipedia, the original Hawaiians used to practice it. They had a “kahunas”, a title with which they designated a teacher, priest or counselor, who healed with the words “.

Do you think it is possible to heal with words? Or making a prayer? Well in this same is the Hooponopono. And this healing power also includes losing weight .

However, the Hooponopono bases its effectiveness on the power of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Hooponopono to lose weight while you sleep

How can we lose weight by applying the hooponopono? The answer refers to a rather spiritual issue that we should look for within ourselves.

We must meditate on our beliefs about our weight. To obesity and our own self-esteem. What are the feelings and emotions linked to these issues.

Regarding forgiveness, the hooponopono can help us to forgive and self-forgive. Even if you do not believe it, by doing so, you will lose a “spiritual” weight by carrying resentment and resentment.

There are certain phrases, at least 4 very effective that will help you achieve it:

“Sorry. Excuse me. Thank you. I love you.”

In many cases, there is a resistance of our body to lose weight. The hooponopono holds that you can overcome this blockage through forgiveness and love towards yourself and others. Those who practice it ensure that immediate results are obtained.

From the moment you start feeling better, you will lose weight without effort. It is a natural process of harmonization of our being and the environment.

There is a short but very effective sentence used by this current of thought. It consists in repeating it out loud, several times a day. Do you dare to do it? Here we go:

“Divinity, cleanse in me, any belief, memory or emotion, that is contributing to create this false appearance of obese or overweight person, and transmutes all negative energy into pure light. Sorry. Excuse me. Thank you. I love you.”

Also, every morning when you wake up and when you go to bed every night, you should perform the following prayer.

“I have a perfect body at the ideal weight for me”

Tips to apply theĀ  Hooponopono to your life

1- Remember that you are doing self-guided meditation for a goal: lose weight and look better.

2- Believe in what you say. It is not about saying empty words or an empty speech. Feel the power of those words. Do not try to reason it.

3- Do not think about how you currently look, but how you will look, but feel it as if it were a present reality. Close your eyes and look thinner, more attractive, more vital.

4- Although you do not believe it, your mind will be aligned to your body. And the alimentary habits, physical routine, etc, will be conjugated with your goals, emotions and positive thoughts.

5- Apply the sense of humor to your life. Have fun, laugh, smile help a lot to live. Humor can transform your life. Add a healthy quota of humor each day and you will see the difference. Humor is also a great ingredient needed to lose weight.

The power of motivation

It is about strengthening our self-esteem and convictions. The stronger our beliefs that we will see ourselves better, it will be.

What if we have ups and downs? It is natural that happens to us. You must not lower your arms. First of all, keep calm and do not concentrate on negative thoughts. Dissuade those bad energy with something you like to do, something that gives you pleasure or makes you feel good. Do not doubt your potential. Be patient and continue to perform your prayers every day. Very soon you will see your life transformed.

Are you ready to start? Apply the Hooponopono to lose weight while you sleep and share this technique with family, friends and other people through social networks. Help us to promote Effective Health for all.