Here are the best home and natural remedies against nausea

Today we share  homemade and natural remedies to eliminate nausea. If you are suffering from this horrible sensation and want to eliminate it without medication, read on!

Nausea may be preceded by different situations. They usually occur due to factors related to nutrition, alcohol consumption and even severe stress. However, it can also be a symptom of internal diseases.

That is why the treatment of nausea must attack its causes. In this sense, today we offer a selection of the best natural remedies to stop nausea.

You can use these homemade and natural remedies to end nausea only in certain cases.

When nausea appears after overeating

During pregnancy (after consultation with the doctor, no doubt).

In cases of appendicitis or stomach ulcers after consulting the doctor

10 Homemade and natural remedies to end nausea

1. Green Tea

The best thing to eliminate nausea is to prepare a good green tea, without additives. A cup of green tea in the morning will help reduce the intensity of toxicosis during pregnancy. And, most importantly, it will not harm the baby or the mother.

2. Lemon

The lemon relieves nausea. It is generally used for such purposes. You can take the fresh lemon, add it to tea or simply consume it with a little sugar.

Many recipes contain this useful ingredient, but you should know that if the cause of nausea is the increased acidity of the stomach, you should not abuse this remedy.

3. Medicinal plants

Certain medicinal herbs stimulate the processes of digestion and can eliminate the symptoms of nausea.

Before using such recipes, it is important to make sure that it does not provoke allergies or medical contraindications, attentive to the diverse health conditions of the patients.


It has similar mint properties. To eliminate nausea, it can be added to tea and also prepared separately.


A spoonful of dried chicory infused in a liter of water helps eliminate nausea.


Both the fruit of the mulberry, as its twigs and dry leaves can be prepared with tea or separately. Relieves nausea and helps even with food poisoning.

4. Herbal mix

Take all the following ingredients in equal proportions for one teaspoon each.

aira root




coriander seeds

  1. Prepare in ½ liter of boiling water. Strain. Take half a cup three times a day.


  1. One tablespoon of the mixture to prepare in half a liter of boiling water. This broth helps perfectly with nausea and is a good way to relieve the symptoms of body poisoning.


  1. Consult a doctor before consumption, as the cause of nausea can cause serious illness.


5. Ginger

The root of ginger is a remedy of proven effectiveness against nausea. It helps to eliminate discomfort and nausea and even to avoid seasickness, in case of travel. Place a small portion of the root under your tongue or drink ginger tea.

How to make ginger tea for nausea?

Pour a teaspoon of dry powder with a glass of boiling water.

Let it stand for 15-20 minutes.

Add a little honey or a slice of lemon at will.

Drink in small sips throughout the day, while the nausea lasts

Dry ginger can be replaced fresh by passing a small piece of root through a grater. In addition to eliminating nausea, this spice is an indispensable source of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. In addition, ginger helps keep you warm in the winter and is an energizing food.

6. Baking soda

With an increased acidity of the stomach there is often a burning sensation, nausea and heartburn. If this is the problem, you should use the old way of eliminating nausea with baking soda.

Add a teaspoon of baking soda in half a glass of water and stir well.

Drink the solution in small sips.

Do not abuse this remedy as it could cause digestive problems.

7. Mint leaves

Mint leaves also help relieve nausea. To do this, you can use fresh or dried mint to make a hot infusion.

Mint can be added to tea. In case of emergency, you can even chew a dried leaf of this herb.

8. Dill seeds

The dill seeds, boiled in boiling water, perfectly relieve the feeling of nausea. To do this, it is enough:

Place a teaspoon of dried dill seeds in a bowl with the equivalent of a glass of boiling water.

Let stand for a few minutes for the seeds to release their properties.

Drink this infusion during the day until the nausea disappears.

If you wish, you can replace the dill seeds with cumin; the effect will be the same.

9. Starch

Starch can be of great help as an “emergency” in case of poisoning and poisoning. Add a tablespoon of starch to a glass of water, mix and drink. Starch wraps the stomach walls and prevents the absorption of toxic substances in the blood.

10. Cinnamon tea

Both cinnamon and anise are effective in stopping nausea quickly. Attention: pregnant women should abstain.


½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

1 cup of water (250 ml)


Boil water and remove from heat.

Put the cinnamon powder and let stand for a few minutes.

Strain and drink.

Eat a proper diet

Mistakes in nutrition are one of the most common causes of nausea. These can be caused by too fatty or spicy foods. In addition, they can manifest after long fasts or after overeating. In any case, with the regular onset of nausea, you should review your diet by choosing a healthier regimen.

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