Home remedies to cure cystitis

Urinary infection or cystitis is an acute inflammation of the bladder. Discover these effective home remedies to cure cystitis.

There are multiple causes that can cause cystitis. However, the most frequent is the action of a certain type of bacteria, with the bacterium “Escherichia coli” being the most prominent.

Among the symptoms present in cystitis we can mention:

✓ urgent need to urinate

✓ stinging in the presence of urine

✓ pain in the lower abdomen

✓ eventual presence of blood in the urine

Cystitis can happen to anyone, regardless of gender. However, it predominates in women for reasons of their own anatomy.

That is, women have the urethra very close to the anus. This allows the odds to increase around a bacterium colonizing its urinary system more easily.

The risk they have to develop cystitis occurs in two important stages of their life: in youth or during menopause.

However, inadequate hygiene habits can lead to the development of this disease. Let’s see which are:

✓ Have intimate relationships without urinating later.

✓ Excess hygiene of female intimate parts in the bidet

✓ Do not urinate when the body needs it.

✓ Use of certain contraceptives (diaphragm or spermicides).

✓ Drink poor amount of water

✓ Wear very tight underwear


home remedies to cure cystitis

There are home and natural remedies to treat and cure cystitis. Next we will share 4 different variants of delicious milkshakes . Let’s see what they are and how to prepare them.

Smoothie # 1


✓ ½ cup of blueberries

✓ 20 grapes

✓ ¼ apple

✓ water

How to prepare

Place all these ingredients in the blender, add water to taste and you can sweeten with stevia or honey.

Smoothie # 2


✓ 2 oranges (grapefruit or kiwi)

✓ 2 carrots

How to prepare

Enter the ingredients in the blender and add water to taste. Then mix them and drink instantly.

Mode of consumption

You must prepare one of these shakes and consume once a day. You can alternate between one and the other.

All these ingredients have beta-carotene that helps lift the body’s defenses and protect us against diseases and infections.


Smoothie # 3


✓ 200 gr of tofu

✓ 1 ripe banana

✓ 1 cup of soy milk

✓ 15 frozen blueberries

✓ 1 tablespoon of honey

Milkshake # 4


✓ 1 grapefruit

✓ 6 fresh strawberries

✓ 1 kiwi

Wash food properly. Remove the grapefruit skin and mix with the other ingredients and some water. You can sweeten with honey or stevia. Drink immediately after preparing it to take advantage of its properties.

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