Home remedy to eliminate kidney and gallstones

Today we present a home remedy to eliminate kidney and gallstones. It is an excellent natural medicine that will leave you amazed by its results.

One of the most common problems in our region is sand or stones in the kidneys or bile. The problem is usually caused by water and nutrition.

To try to avoid the difficult and invasive methods of conventional medicine, we offer you a proven popular recipe for melting and expelling stones from the body .


Home remedy to eliminate kidney and gallstones


– 250 g of powdered sugar,

– 0,25 l of extra virgin olive (eco) of oil

– 250 g of lemon rind

– 250 g root of parsley (bleached), and

– 250 g of honey

(or an equal amount of all the ingredients)

Preparation method:

Wash the lemon well and clean it if it is sprayed with chemical products. You can do this with a mixture of fruits and vegetables made of chemicals.

After cleaning the lemon, cut it into pieces and melt it in a blender or other machine as small as possible. Peel the peel and cut into pieces mix with the lemon. Mix everything and add honey, olive oil and powdered sugar. Mix the ingredients until a smooth paste is obtained.

Consumption Mode

For problems with kidneys in the kidney and bile, it is necessary to take a soup of a spoonful in the morning and at night before going to bed. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator all the time in a glass bottle because it is harmful.

To solve most problems with sand or pebbles in the kidneys and bile, you must drink the two measures mentioned above. Once this home remedy is exhausted, make another one, because it is melting and has around 250 grams per ingredient. The mixture is designed and tested for the purpose of dissolving the calculations and is very effective.

Its composition is very pleasant taste and is very healthy for other purposes, and can be used by other people along with the person who carries stone in the body. It is important to keep in mind that, during the use of therapy, you should drink as much liquid as possible, the best water.

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