Homemade mask for black spots with gelatin

Homemade mask for black spots with gelatin . You probably have not heard that this popular ingredient is so useful. The truth is that gelatin can do a lot for your aesthetics and beauty !

They are hateful, horrible and detested by all women. They are commonly known as “black dots”. They are also called “pimples” or “comedones.” They are nothing but pores of the skin that we have covered with tallow.

These spots or pimples acquire a dark tone on the head or surface by contact with the earth’s environment. When they become resistant they are quite difficult to remove.

We are aware of how bad you have felt without finding the solution to this problem. Do not worry! Today we have on hand a mask with 100% natural ingredients that you can make from your home …


Homemade mask for black spots with gelatin

These are the ingredients that you will need. Take note!

1 tablespoon of neutral gelatine powder.

1 tablespoon of skim milk (to avoid adding more oil to the area).

Gelatin powder

Preparation mode

To make this homemade Mask for black spots with gelatin you must mix the skim milk with the gelatin powder in the proportions mentioned above. For this purpose, use a container or bowl. Now follow the following steps:

Place the mixture in the microwave for a few seconds until a thick dough forms. Let it cool.

Clean your face with some toilet soap.

Apply the mask mixture, smearing it with the tips of your fingers. Then spread with a brush on the skin affected by the black dots.

Leave on for 15 minutes. After that time the mask will be hard and dry.

Now remove the mask by pulling gently on the tips.

Rinse your face thoroughly with warm water

Apply some moisturizer for the face.

If you look at the strips of the mask detached from the back side you will be surprised. You will see that there have been all those black spots that made life so difficult!

We recommend doing this treatment two to three times a week. Very soon you will notice that your skin will be much more luminous, smooth and clean without those horrible comedones!

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