Homemade turmeric-based gold mask for spots and wrinkles

Homemade gold mask based on turmeric for spots and wrinkles. Have you heard about the gold mask? This is the famous turmeric mask that serves to remove dark spots on the skin , reduce acne and significantly improve the overall appearance of the skin making it look younger and smoother. If you want to remove your skin do not stop trying with this homemade gold mask.

Our skin every day receives aggressions from the environment, which is why we must take special care to avoid premature aging and skin blemishes. The aggressive rays of the sun, the chemicals, the smog of the environment, cigarette smoke, bad eating habits, and many other things damage your skin every day without you noticing.

In this way it loses all luminosity and becomes opaque and aged. The gold mask that we will teach you to do next will return to your skin the aspect of youth that you have lost.

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How to make homemade gold mask


The juice of a small lemon

One tablespoon of baking soda

A spoonful of turmeric powder

How it is done:

Take a small plastic container and mix the ingredients there with a utensil that is also made of plastic or wood, try not to use metal.

When you get the consistency of a paste you can already use this mask.

With a clean face apply this mask with the help of a small brush from the bottom up, if you want you can start from the neckline.

Let this mask act 20 minutes and rinse. To see quick results, apply this mask two or three times a week.

In a month of doing this treatment applying this mask you will look much younger and everyone will want to know what your secret is.

If you are a person with sensitive skin, I recommend that you change the lemon for some essential oil of your preference or rose water.

The lemon is used more than anything to enhance the effect of turmeric to remove skin spots.

If you decide to use lemon, make sure you always make this mask at night, since the lemon in contact with sunlight causes even more spots on the skin.

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