how many kilometers must you walk to lose weight

Do you know how  many kilometers you must walk to lose weight ? If you are in a plan to lose weight and get fit, you may have asked yourself this question. Keep reading this article and we’ll share the answer.

Weight loss is a process where several aspects of our daily routine play. We all assume that exercising or going to the gym is optimal for losing weight. However, walking is one of the best exercises you know. The simple act of walking speeds up the metabolism of the body , which translates into a loss of weight.

Walking is ideal for those who can not go to the gym or do other kinds of exercises. When we walk we breathe large amounts of oxygen into the body. This is particularly beneficial to stimulate blood circulation and improve heart rate. If you have asked yourself how many kilometers you should walk to lose weight loss here is the answer:

How many kilometers must you walk to lose weight

Walking maybe is the way the simplest way to exercise. It is an essential activity in each person and ensures that our body functions properly. Walking helps reduce weight. This is due to the fact that accelerating the metabolism favors the burning of fats. According to an investigation, to lose half a kilogram per week, a person must walk about 250 minutes a week, or 50 minutes a day. Doing this, about 500 calories are burned.

How to know how much we have walked?

We recommend buying a pedometer. This instrument will help you determine how many steps you have taken in a day. The device also keeps track of the calories burned and the amount of grams / kilograms you’ve lost.

There are certain mobile applications that will help you in this task. Search with the term “pedometer” and you will see some very good ones.

How many steps should we take to lose weight?

Fitness specialists recommend walking at least 8 kilometers per day. To be clearer about the relationship between how much you should walk and how much weight is lost when doing it, we share the following calculations:

  • 0.5 kg = 500 calories
  • To lose 0.5 kg in a week, you need to burn 500 calories per day.
  • To lose 500 calories per day, you must walk 10,000 steps per day.
  • 10,000 steps equals about 8 kilometers

To achieve this goal it is advisable to define a place or circuit where you can travel safely and comfortably. A park, path, or sports center near your area may be ideal. Plan your agenda. Choose the days and times when you can develop this activity, without hassles or setbacks.

Choose to walk while completing other tasks

A good way to optimize time is to take your pet for a walk, accompany your children to school or go shopping on foot. In this way, you will be exercising while continuing to perform those activities that in one way or another you will also end up doing.

What is the best time to walk and lose weight

Research has shown that exercise done during the morning is the most effective to lose weight. Therefore, walking early in the morning will help you lose weight or at least not gain weight in an amount exceeding healthy levels.

This is demonstrated by a study conducted in Belgium in 2010. A group of young male volunteers was divided into 3 subgroups. One of the subgroups would do exercises on an empty stomach. The other, after breakfast and the third, would remain inactive without exercising.

After the experience the study revealed the following. Young people who had exercised on an empty stomach had almost no weight gain and maintained healthy insulin levels. The subgroup that had exercised after breakfast rose 1.5 kg and had insulin problems. Finally, the inactive group or those who did not perform exercises had an unhealthy weight.

The director of the study, Peter Hespel, left an interesting conclusion. This specialist was working in Belgium, at the Center for Research for Exercise and Health at the Catholic University of Leuven. Here his words:

“The best strategy to avoid the increase in body weight is obviously to combine a healthy and balanced diet with an active lifestyle.”

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