How to correct the posture of the bent back

How to correct the posture of the bent back? The main cause of bad posture is a fragile musculature in the back and abdominal area. These muscles need to be trained, performing postural exercises.

There are also other factors that favor a stooped back. Among them are the habit of sitting at the table in the wrong position (neck stretched forward and back arched).

How to correct the posture of the bent back?

In addition to regular exercises, you can improve:

The mobility of the joints.

Be careful with the posture and control it.

Balanced muscles on both sides of the body .

Improve muscle flexibility.

Strengthen the postural muscles.

Habits that help you improve posture

If you spend hours on the computer, we advise you to place a mirror on the computer so that you can evaluate your posture.

When you need to work for hours on the computer, do not forget to rest every hour. It can also stretch the back, shoulders and neck.

If you are carrying heavy bags, distribute the weight in both arms.

If your problem is already chronic, then you can buy a posture corrector. You can get them in e-commerce sites.

Perform massage in the postural muscles and stretching.

The correct position influences a healthy body. Do not neglect it! Take this question seriously and do not forget to exercise regularly. It is proven: one of the best ways to improve posture is through swimming!

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