How to lift naturally fallen eyelids

Do you have flabby eyelids? No problem, today you will discover how to lift eyelids naturally due to an excellent home remedy .

The eyelids are part of a muscular ring that surrounds the eye that allow us to open and close the eyes. The eyelids can start to fall out due to many factors. They include hereditary, lifestyle and mostly due to a natural reason: aging.

The weight of droopy eyelids can tire the eye muscles and cause fatigue. In the case of women who suffer from this problem, it becomes very difficult to apply makeup because the excess of skin that falls on the upper part of the eyes does not allow the eyeliner to pass properly.

For these reasons, those who suffer from this condition may feel very upset. Additionally, you may be afraid of having surgery and it will always be better to first try a natural solution, which for this case there is, pay attention to what follows …

For hooded eyes and droopy eyelids there is a natural and organic remedy that is very easy to make and all you need is an egg. You will see the results in just 2 minutes!


This remedy is to make a mask around the droopy eyelids with egg white. The egg white helps to firm and tighten the skin and the results are visible only after a few minutes. The effects of this technique lasts 2 days from the application.

how to lift naturally fallen eyelids


1 egg white

1 cotton swab


Clean all the makeup of your droopy eyelids and dry them. Next, break an egg and dip a cotton swab in the egg white and apply the entire eyelid fold.

Keep the eyelid closed and wait until the egg white dries. If you want to speed up the process, put your face in front of a fan.

Ready! Try again if it doesn’t work from the first time. You can make successive applications (varying where you do the application: above or below the eyelid). In a very short time, just days, the results will surprise you.

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