How to lower fast high pressure at home

Do you have blood pressure problems? You have probably suffered a sudden peak of tension due to stress and nervous tension. Here we share an oriental technique very effective to bring your pressure to normal values.

A significant portion of the world’s human population suffers from high blood pressure, hypertension. Swiss scientists say that the number of people suffering from high blood pressure in the world exceeds one billion.

These figures are alarming and certainly lead us to think seriously about how to prevent hypertension. Today we tell you how to normalize the pressure from your home without medication.

How to lower fast high pressure at home with acupressure

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that the legs, or rather the feet, play an important role in maintaining the health of the entire body . The Chinese compared a person with a tree: the torso is a kind of trunk, the arms are branches and the legs are reliable roots. A tree will never be healthy without strong roots. In the same way it happens with man.

In the feet, the six main meridians of man intersect: the liver, the gall bladder, the kidney, the spleen and the stomach. It is these meridians and the healthy flow of energy in them that guarantees the normal functioning of all the organs in the human body.

It is through the legs, according to the experts of traditional Chinese medicine, the body releases the residual energy . If there is stagnation in the feet, it affects the general state of health. When the residual energy stops coming out of the body, a stagnation is generated, which eventually increases without stopping.

As a result, the work of the heart is greater to pump blood through the legs. The veins and blood vessels are the most wear. Over time, leaps in pressure begin to occur, and the stress of the cardiovascular system leads to fatigue and depression.

Due to stagnation, conditions and pathologies appear such as: varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, back pain and kidney. Women’s diseases and many other unpleasant diseases are also counted. But the most unpleasant thing is the constant increase in pressure, and later the headache and hypertension.

In general, before this high blood pressure, doctors prescribe “beta blockers” to patients who suffer from it. However, this medicine that is usually given in the form of tablets or pills, which normalize blood pressure, are even more harmful.

Of course, in critical cases you can not do without them, but beta blockers worsen the energy of the heart, which slows down your work . This is only a temporary solution to a crisis situation, but not a cure. In short, according to the oriental conception, to stabilize the pressure, it is necessary to release the residual or spent energy.

There are a lot of biologically active points on the feet. The main one is Yun Quan Point , it is also called spring. This is the point through which we absorb the energy of the earth and get rid of excess. To debug your work, you need to work on it every day.

The point is in the middle of the foot. If you squeeze your fingers tightly, then a small depression forms between the big hill and the small hill, and there is the Yun Quan point . Its impact helps to release stagnant energy, to improve the work of the kidneys, as well as to prolong life and delay aging. It is better to work with your fingers to avoid injuries.

Only 5-10 minutes a day, massage the Yong Quan point on both legs. This will help get rid of stagnating energy and restore circulation. Over time, and the pressure will return to normal.

It is true that a massage may not be enough. Be sure to add daily exercise. And the most effective exercises in this case are the slopes. They train the blood vessels and the heart, and also help to normalize blood pressure and cope with hypertension.

2. How to lower rapid high pressure at home with an easy and effective exercise

Every morning and every evening, take 15 minutes to do a simple exercise. First do a little warm-up to warm up. Follow the following instructions:

Lift your arms as far as you can and pull them up.

Hold this position, breathe deeply.

Then, while exhaling, slowly lean towards the ground. Wait in this position for a couple of seconds, until blood flows to the head.

Then get up slowly and rest. Do 5-6 repetitions.

Attention!  When you lean, do it slowly, very slowly, so as not to over-exercise.

If you are dizzy, stop immediately from doing the exercises. Do more the next day. It is important not to be rushed or anxious and to do everything gradually.

It is also useful to make slow, kneeling curves. On the exhale, leaning forward, the bent arms press against the stomach, squeezing the air. Such earrings have a good effect on the spine and relax the blood vessels. After doing the exercises, shake the hands and feet, and after that you can begin to massage the stitches.

All this in a complex helps to reduce the pressure, and also to avoid constant spikes. Do you want to reduce the pressure and put your health in order? Then lean more often!

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