How to make apricot or apricot smoothie

Apricot or damask is a delicious fruit and has amazing properties. We tell you how to make apricot or apricot smoothie .

Damask is originally from China. Round and velvety skin comes from the tree called apricot tree. You can consume it naturally as you prepare it in syrup and prepare with the delicious smoothies.

Medicinal properties of apricot

Next we will mention the most relevant properties of apricot for your health .

✓   Help the digestive system . With its intake it is possible to treat stomach and intestinal disorders. In turn, it is anti-diarrheal and a potent natural laxative. Cure constipation and facilitate intestinal transit.

✓   F ount important vitamin . Every 100 gr of this fruit you get about half the amount of this vitamin that your body requires daily.

✓   Rich in potassium . A very important mineral for cardiovascular health, muscles and liver and spleen function.

✓   Anti-anemic . It helps to treat severe anemias.

✓ It   allows treating other disorders such as insomnia, depression, nervous problems and other physical or mental exhaustion.


how to make apricot or apricot smoothie


✓   1/2 cup vegetable milk (almonds, coconut or soy)

✓   1/2 cup apricot

✓   1 small spinach tied

✓   3 tablespoons crushed sprouted wheat

✓   1 tablespoon pumpkin seeds

How to prepare

Remove the seed from apricots. Place them in a blender together with the rest of the ingredients and half a cup of water. Put everything to blend for a few seconds. You can sweeten with honey or stevia, if you prefer. Other ingredients that you can use to make it are bananas or narnaja. Drink at ease. If you like, you can substitute breakfast or snack with this natural drink.

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