How to put an injection in the buttock without pain?

Learn today how to put an injection in the buttock without pain. Do you need to give yourself an injection but there is no doctor nearby? Sometimes it happens to all of us. You also do not have a relative at hand or those who do not know how to do it.

There may be some very willful but pure improvised person. It will not help either. It is best to give instructions to a person who is willing to help.

How to put an injection in the buttock without pain

Step 1. Sort the utensils

Soap . Not necessarily antibacterial.

Towel. It must be clean. Better if it is disposable

Source or plate . All the tools must be put into it. At home, it is difficult to disinfect the surface of the table, for example, so you need to work from a plate. It should be washed with soap and cleaned with a wipe with antiseptic alcohol or cotton with alcohol or chlorhexidine.

Gloves . The houses tend to neglect the gloves, but in vain. As there is no question about sterility, gloves are needed especially to protect both the patient and the person who injects the transmission of infections.

Syringes . The volume of the syringe must match the volume of the medication. If the medication needs to be diluted, keep in mind that it is better to take one more syringe.

Needles . They will be necessary if the medication must be diluted. For example, if a dry product is sold in a jar with a rubber cap, then it is diluted as follows:

The solvent is introduced into the syringe.

A needle is punched through the rubber cap, the solvent is released into the ampoule.

Shake the vial without removing the needle to dissolve the medication.

Redial the solution in the syringe.

After that, the needle must be changed, since the one that has already pierced the rubber cover is not suitable for injection: it is not sharp enough.

Antiseptic wipes or alcohol . You need 70% alcohol, antiseptic based on it or chlorhexidine. The home is the best disposable alcohol wipes, which are sold at any pharmacy.

Trash can . In some place it is necessary to fold the waste material: packaging, covers, napkins. It is better to immediately dump them in a separate box, basket or anywhere you want, so that all this does not fall on the plate to clean the tools.

Step 2. Learn to wash your hands.

You should wash your hands three times : before collecting the tools, before the injection and after the procedure. If you think a lot, do not do it and give the place to someone else. Soap each finger on both hands and wrists separately.

Step 3. Prepare a suitable place and position

Choose a convenient place so you can put a plate with tools and easily reach it. Another essential attribute is good lighting.

Here comes the most important thing for many people who suffer from panic and terror of injections. How to put an injection in the buttock without pain? Here we go. The patient must be comfortable. The ideal is to lie on a bed or sofa. The one who places the injection must also be comfortable. This is so that your hands do not shake and do not have to pull the needle during the injection. So choose a position that suits everyone.

If you are afraid to put the syringe in the wrong place or do not know how to put an injection in the buttock without pain, draw a strong cross on the buttock before the procedure. You can use a water marker (to help remove the ink then with cotton and alcohol).

First, draw a vertical line in the center of the buttock, then a horizontal line. The outer top corner is the place where you can click. If it’s still scary, draw a circle in this corner. For an artistic painting, at least an old lipstick or a cosmetic pencil is suitable, just make sure that the particles of these funds do not fall in the place of the injection.

While the patient lies down, close his eyes and squeeze his middle lips (not all), we begin with the procedure.

Step 4. Do everything in order.

Wash your hands and the source with the utensils

Discard the cotton or fabric immediately after processing.

Open five wipes with alcohol or make as many cotton balls with an antiseptic. Put them on a plate.

Remove the medicine wrapper and syringe, but do not open them yet.

Wash your hands

Put on gloves and treat them with antiseptic.

Take a vial of medicine, treat it with an antiseptic and open it. Place the ampoule in the dish.

Open the syringe pack.

Open the needle and take the medication to the syringe.

Turn the syringe with the needle upwards and release the air.

Massage the patient’s buttock area where the injection will be applied with a cotton ball with alcohol or an antiseptic.

Take the syringe at your convenience. The needle should enter at a right angle, perpendicular to the skin . In one movement, insert the needle. Do not turn it or move inside the path to avoid breaking inside. Only 0.5-1 cm of the needle should remain outside.

Apply the medication slowly. Take your time. Make sure the syringe and needle do not shake. You can hold the syringe with one hand and press the piston with the other.

Take the last pad with alcohol or cotton, place it next to the injection site and remove the needle with a single movement to quickly press the wound.

Do not rub anything with a napkin, just press and hold.

Discard used tools.

Wash your hands again.

Some extra tips …

If the injection is painful (typically intramuscular), inject the medication slowly. It seems that the faster you inject the medicine, the more pain the patient causes. The slow introduction is more comfortable. Average speed – 1 ml in 10 seconds.

Sterilize, whenever you can, more than once more the blister and the hands or the skin with an antiseptic.

If you need to change the needles after taking the medication, do not remove the cap of the new needle until freshly inserted into the syringe. For the same reason, never try to close the needle with a lid if you have already removed it. Remember that you are using disposable material, once used, it is thrown away.

If you do not know how hard to insert a needle, practice with a steak or chicken fillet. Just to understand that it is not scary.

When to do an injection without specialists.

Whenever the medication is prescribed by a doctor, go as far as possible to the same or nursing service for the placement. This is because only the professional will fully know aspects related to the drug, its dosage, how to dilute it, etc.

If the patient has never taken this medication before. Many drugs have side effects and can cause unwanted reactions. Medications that are injected with injections enter the blood faster, so reactions to them appear quickly and strongly. Therefore, it is better to make the first injection in a medical institution. There you should wait 5-10 minutes for the specialist to verify that everything is in order. If something goes wrong, the clinic will help you. Meanwhile, if you self-medicate, from home you will not be able to face any adverse reaction quickly and effectively.

When there is an opportunity to use the services of doctors, but do not want. Intramuscular injection is of short duration and is not expensive, and amateur activities at home can end badly, so you can not save time or money.

When a person in need of an injection is sick with HIV, hepatitis or other blood-borne infections. Even if it is unknown if the person has these infections (there is no valid certificate). In these cases, it is better to entrust the matter to specialists, who have the experience to eliminate the risk of infection.

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