How to remove black spots on the neck and crotch with home remedies

Discover how to remove black spots on the neck and crotch with these amazing home remedies . It is not dirt. We explain why they come out and how to eliminate them effectively.

Do you know anyone who has dark spots around the neck, fingers or knees ? There is a condition in certain people that is characterized by a dark pigmentation of the skin in certain areas of the body.


Although it may seem harmless, it can mean a risk signal of some serious illness. In this Effective Health article we will tell you about this condition called “ pigmentary acanthosis ”. Keep reading!

This darkening in the skin is caused by an endogenous (internal) problem of the organism : that is, the inability of the body’s cells to absorb the insulin generated by the pancreas, which results in an excess of this substance in the body that It affects the skin tissue, causing the appearance of dark areas in the neck, armpits, knuckles, elbows, knees and crotch.

How to remove black spots on the neck and crotch

Homemade remedy 1

Here we show you how to remove stains from the crotch with baking soda . You must prepare a mixture with the following ingredients:

1 bicarbonate spoon

A few drops of squeezed pure lemon juice


Apply this mixture on the affected area and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse.

Homemade remedy 2

Another recommended remedy to lighten or remove dark spots on the skin consists of a poultice that is made from the following ingredients:

1 lemon

2 tablespoons milk

aloe vera pulp

Mix the first 2 ingredients (lemon and milk) and apply on the affected area until it has completely dried on the skin. At that time, take aloe vera pulp, place it on the area in question, cover it with gauze or bandage and let it act for several hours (preferably at night) and finally, apply a moisturizer.

What are your causes?

Among the causes that cause pigmentary acanthosis or also called “acanthosis nigricans” are the following:

Obesity and overweight

Type 2 diabetes


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome




Hormonal imbalances

Hereditary factors

How is acanthosis nigricans cured?

According to some specialists, the only way to reduce the presence of these dark spots on the skin is to break the resistance that the body opposes against insulin. To achieve this, it is sometimes necessary to administer certain types of medications.

To help reverse this condition it is also recommended to perform physical activity and eat a proper diet.

How can I know if I have this condition?

In general, you will notice when you notice that your skin has become thicker and darker in certain areas of the body such as those already mentioned, especially around the joints and in the folds of the skin.

This condition usually occurs more frequently in people of African, Caribbean or Hispanic origin although anyone can get it.

Special tips to remove dark spots on the neck

(and other areas of the body)

Eat healthy and lose weight . Too much insulin in your body has to do with an enemy common to thousands of people: sugar. Avoid processed and processed foods with high doses of sugar such as candy, candy, soda, etc. Replace them for a healthy and balanced diet of vegetables and fruits, make smoothies and add cereals and foods rich in vitamins and protein for your usual consumption.

Do physical exercise . Sedentary lifestyle is another silent killer that promotes a large number of diseases. A daily exercise routine for half an hour per day will help you feel better and eliminate toxins from your body in a more effective way.

Be careful with the medications you consume : some medications may be the cause of the appearance of spots, stop them! He prefers, instead, those medications such as topical lotions or oral-type medicine: they are usually very effective in reducing dark spots on the skin.

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