How to remove eye bags naturally

How to remove eye bags naturally. We propose very effective home remedies to solve this problem.

Do you have dark circles when you wake up every morning? Don’t worry, this usually happens to many people.

However, if your face looks tired for a long time and you have those little bags, below your eyes, here we offer you a natural solution. Keep reading!

These hateful marks manifest in the lower part of the eyes of both men and women. They can be the sign of sleep disorders, insufficient rest or aging.

Both bags and dark circles are located around the eyes, however they are very different from each other.

Eye bags are produced by the accumulation of fluid and toxins in the region of the lower eyelids. In contrast, dark circles are characterized by a different pigmentation in that area, which is usually darker.

Both bags and dark circles usually find a parallel in terms of the causes that produce them:

– Lack of sleep

– Retained liquids

– Allergies

– Genetic factors

– Exposure to sunlight

– Stress

– Addictions: tobacco, alcohol

– Inadequate feeding

– Consumption of certain medications

How to remove eye bags naturally


Make a mixture of curcuma powder and water. You can get turmeric powder in health food stores or herbalists. Apply this paste on the area of ​​your lower eyelids and leave on for 15 minutes.

apple mask

Prepare an applesauce and apply it in the bag of your eyes, before going to sleep. Cover the area with gauze or adhesive band.

Optionally, you can place two apple slices and hold them in the same way. However, for best results we recommend mashing.

Cold milk

Soak two cotton swabs well with cold milk and apply them to the affected area. Fasten them with a gauze or adhesive sanitary band. Leave on for 20 minutes.


Prepare a concentrated infusion of chamomile with water. Apply with two cotton swabs as a compress for a few minutes. The results will be very fast. You’ll be surprised!


Cut two thick slices of cucumber and put them to cool in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. Then apply them on the affected area and leave on for another 15 minutes.

Tomato juice

This is a very effective home remedy. Apply it and see how the bags deflate quickly and give more shine to your skin .

Almonds oil

Before resting, apply almond oil in this region and you will see very good results.

Potato Juice

You can cut two slices of potato or potato and apply as suggested with cucumber. Another way to do this procedure is to scratch the potato and extract its juice. Then apply it with cottons in the affected region. Wait about 20 minutes for it to take effect. We recommend this last modality.

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Peppermint Extract

You must crush mint leaves and apply them for 10 minutes.

Water of roses

Prepare rose water and apply it on your dark circles with a cotton pad, as a compress, for 15 minutes. This will allow to deflate the area, lighten your skin and moisturize it.

Lemon juice

Another very effective remedy for this problem. Apply it like the rest of the ingredients, as a compress.

As you have seen, there are a number of natural resources that you can use to deal with this problem effectively and very quickly. We leave you some useful tips. In addition, these are economical ingredients or products that are easy to obtain.

Some final recommendations …

  • Eat well and varied . Eating a good diet rich in nutrients is essential.
  • Cover yourself from the sun . Use glasses, hat or sunscreen at times of greater intensity of light or heat.
  • Rest better . Sleeping 6 to 8 hours a day is essential to prevent aging and this type of problem.
  • Do not rub your eyes . If you usually rub your eyes you should give up this habit, even if you have itching. It is one of the factors of damage to this area, in which the skin is thinner and sensitive.

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