How to remove the ear wax in just 2 minutes!

We often associate ear wax with something dirty and disgusting. However, our body produces it just to clean the ear. That is, our body produces wax as a self-cleaning element. In addition, it fulfills the role of preventing dehydration of ear tissue, and also has protective and bactericidal agents.

However, our body can produce more wax than normal. Various factors can intervene in this phenomenon. We can see this when the wax appears on the outside of the ear canal.

how to remove wax from the ears

In certain cases, other symptoms may appear such as pain and other problems that require the intervention of a specialist. To prevent this from happening we have just thought about sharing some homemade tricks to get the surplus wax out of your ear. Keep reading!

Warning: These procedures should not be used in case of people suffering from infection or severe pain. If this is your case, go to the doctor immediately.

How to remove the ear wax in just 2 minutes!

Water with salt:

Salt water is one of the best home remedies to remove excess wax in the ear. This is because it softens the wax inside the ear and facilitates its exit.


Dissolve one teaspoon of salt in half a cup of warm water. It is important that the salt dissolves completely.

Take a cotton ball and submerge it in the solution.

Tilt the head by placing the ear with the affected ear facing up.

Place the cotton roll over the ear hole and let the solution drip inside.

Keep your head tilted for three to four minutes.

Tilt your head down to drop excess water.

Clean the area around the opening of the ear with a clean cloth to remove the wax.

Baby oil or glycerin (mineral oil):

Any of these products are ideal for removing excess wax from your ear.

Use a dropper or dropper. Ask for the help of friends and family to place three drops of oil in your ear. You must place yourself in the same posture detailed above (the ear up).

The person you trust who gives you help should bring a cotton ball (previously soaked in the chosen ingredient) to the opening of the ear. Then press lightly, to release drops that penetrate the ear canal.

After about ten minutes, remove the cotton ball and let the oil drain on a clean cloth or cloth.

Clean any excess wax that has come out in the process.

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