how to remove the itch in the intimate part of the woman

Today we are going to tell you how to remove the itch in the intimate part of the woman. It sure made you shy to consult with other people. Here you will find answers and solutions!

The first thing you should know is that itching and burning are not diseases! They are only signs or symptoms that indicate that something is “wrong” in your body. For an effective treatment, it is important to know the cause that causes this discomfort. That diagnosis must be made by a doctor, exclusively. Otherwise, you could put your health at risk!

Causes of itching in your area V

An inadequate or unbalanced diet or diet seems to be the main and most common cause. Itching can respond to a deficit of vitamins in the body. It can also be the result of the intake of processed products, popularly known as “junk food”. These foods have a large amount of sodium, preservatives and flavor enhancers. Processed foods can adversely affect the microflora of this region of the body.

Other causes

Urinary incontinence

self-medication and home treatments

Intrauterine device

Action of certain specific medications (antibiotics and steroids)

Urinary incontinence

Wet or tight fitting underwear

Low levels of estrogen at any age


Diseases of the skin (eg desquamative vaginitis.);

Other diseases: diabetes, cystitis, vaginitis, gastric problems, parasitosis, cancer.

Lack of hygiene or improper cleaning of internal genital organs

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In order to know your situation completely you must go to a gynecologist. This professional should only be the one who makes the diagnosis. The solution of these discomforts and discomforts “down there” depend on your visit to the specialist.

how to remove the itch in the intimate part of the woman

What home remedies are there to reduce itching, burning and irritation? We can recommend some simple tips. However, these do not mean canceling the visit to your gynecologist. Let’s see how you can help improve or treat this problem!

After doing your bathroom needs, get clean from the front to the back (not because you could infect the area)

Do not scratch “down there”. That can cause even more irritation.

Use plain water and odorless soap when washing your intimate area.

Do not wash the intimate region more than once a day. This can increase the resection and violate the bacterial balance.

Wear cotton panties (without synthetic fabrics) and change your underwear every day.

Change your daily cushions regularly.

Avoid using feminine wipes and other products such as creams, bath foam and feminine sprays.

Use condoms during intimate relationships to avoid STDs

In case of dry skin use some humectant.

Apply the water-based lubricant before your intimate moments.

Avoid having sex until you check that the symptoms have completely disappeared.

Change your towel every day. You can also use disposable paper towels.

While itching can be uncomfortable or stressful, in most cases you can get rid of it by consulting a specialist on time. In addition, you could prevent the development of some disease.

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