I burned my tongue and it hurts a lot! what I do?

I burned my tongue! what I do? You were taking some infusion and it was boiling. You drank a quick drink and suddenly you felt a deep unbearable burning. Today we are going to tell you how to solve this problem quickly.

It has all happened to us all. Burn your tongue seems to be a common evil for anyone. Whether you drink tea, coffee, mate or any hot tea, the risk of burning is latent. Haste and hurry often play tricks. You take a big drink but the drink is too hot. And the result is horrible. You burned to the last name!


I burned my tongue! what I do?

We offer you some quick home remedies to immediately reduce pain:

Remedy # 1

If you have cold milk or yogurt in the refrigerator, use them. Hold the tongue and swallow slowly.

Remedy # 2

Pour some sugar on the tongue. Although it seems strange to you, it is a very effective remedy. The pain will pass in a short time!

Remedy # 3

Place the honey on the tongue. Do not swallow Leave on for a few minutes.

Remedy # 4

Chew menthol gum. Menthol reduces pain.

Remedy # 5

Ice. Applying ice to the affected area will reduce inflammation and pain.

Remedy # 6

Aloe vera. This plant has incredible properties to treat any kind of burns. Apply aloe vera gel on the tongue and let it act.

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